A look at what came in the mail today..

Hey guys, happy Tuesday! ^^

I do not recall the exact moment I stumbled across Femme Fatale Cosmetics, but it was like a whole new world opened up to me(cue Aladdin’s ‘A Whole New World’). Anyways, I received some information in my email today about new products- YAY! On to the polish!~


(From Femme Fatale Cosmetics website)

A look at products coming out on May 1st 2013. We have 9 new polishes available then, with some new types in this release. We are featuring more layering polishes than before, meaning they are well suited to wearing over undies or layering between ‘jelly’ colours as opposed to wearing alone.1

Spindleweb is a dark blue-teal based polish with green shimmer, quite sheer and suited for layering as opposed to wearing alone. Also contains various hexes in blues, teals, greens, iridescence and holo.

Nightsong Grotto is a teal jelly based colour packed full of teal, green and holo with a scattering of pink. Reminds me of shadowy ponds with lotus floating around.


Dream Bough is a bruise purple based shade with green shimmer, suitable for layering as opposed to wearing alone. Throughout we have green bars and hexes with flashes of lavender and teal. Highlighted by iridescent glitters Dream Bough reminds me of a forest path.

Jadefire is a rich lime chartreuse shimmer suitable for layering rather than wearing alone. Along with pink sparkles Jadefire has a variety of green and pink/red hexes in different sizes. I like this one due to the uncommon colour mix.


Cloudburst is a shimmering ocean green/blue (almost pastel) with golden shimmer, suitable for layering as opposed to wearing alone. Featuring soft golden holo hexes and a variety of squares in black, pinks and white.

Displaced Dreams is a better known colour, swatches have been available for the last few weeks. Finally we are adding it to our range! Displaced Dreams is a baby pink crelly featuring silver holo and iridescence, and a variety of squares/rectangles in pinks,reds and white.


Wolfsbane is a rich navy purple jelly filled with navy blue hexes and shreds, highlighted by half hidden crescent moons, flashes of red shimmer and subtle periwinkle glitters.

Vortex Remnants has a strong berry pink jelly base with a variety of purple glitters, red diamonds and purple stars.


The Other Side of the World is a purple base with red shimmer, quite sheer and best suited for layering. Within we find a variety of orange and pink hexes, iridescence and flashes of pink holo.

These colours will go on sale May 1st and will be available in our discounted set of 5. 

International customers can expect to find these colours available at the following retailers from mid-May onwards:

Shoppe Eclecticco (worldwide shipping)

Beauty so Fly (worldwide shipping)

Llarowe USA (worldwide shipping)

Norway Nails

Further stockists are not yet confirmed.


Squeeee! So excited about these new products.. Femme Fatale Cosmetics never fails to astound me, and how they are able to pack so much glitter into one polish and still have excellent formula is AMAZING. I don’t own any of their polishes yet( ): hint hint hehe) but some of their beauties are on my wishlist! ^^

Which is your favourite/most looked forward-to shade? I know I can’t decide between them, all of them are simply gorgeous(and their names so poetic)! I’ll probably pick Spindleweb, Cloudburst and The Other Side of the World.. if I really had to choose!

♥, xinyu


*All opinions are entirely my own and Femme Fatale Cosmetics did not contact me to share this, everything is of my own honest opinion.


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