Sephora haul and some butterfly nail art

      *Purchased by Me

Hey guys!

I can’t believe it’s only the middle of the week..feels like time passes so slowly!

Anyways, like the post states, I did some shopping and finally purchased some polish(of course) from Sephora. I say “finally” as I usually boycott Sephora for their ridiculous prices..but this time I actually bought from them.. and signed up for their membership card(which, clueless me, never knew it was for free!)

IMG_3705edit The Sephora White card. I like the design ^^

It isn’t a huge haul, but here it is. Can you guess? (:

IMG_3702edit Lacquerholics will recognize the bottle. Yes, it’s Butter LONDON.

I literally squealed and was like a kid in a candy store. This is cause butter LONDON is so tough to find in Sg, and the only other place I know in Sg carrying it is Nail Deck, and it is priced at SGD$30-32.. these were SGD$24 each and well.. I snapped them up. My lemmings were satisfied.

IMG_3703edit It’s a secret! Hehee~ ^^

However, I’m not giving you guys a peep at which two polishes I purchased.. that’ll be my surprise post for next time (:

I also purchased some french tip guides and a essence nude glam polish(no label, have no idea which it is..) from Watsons. This was my first time finding essence in Sg so I was pretty psyched. But I do have to go on a no buy ban for May! Don’t worry though, I have enough polish to tide through (:


Are you guys still reading? hehe! Here’s some butterfly nail art to show you all for being so patient and reading this all the way (:

- 002edit without top coat, in the morning with some sunlight

- 001watermark at night, artifical light, with top coat.

my right and left hands respectively.(old nail art) This is actually a pretty simple design to do!

If you have any queries on the polishes I used, do comment, I’ll be happy to answer. Also, any guesses on which butter LONDON polishes were purchased? 

♥, xinyu

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