Black Sheep Lacquer swatch and review-Blitz (*Picture Heavy Post)

Hey all!

So some time back in March I won a nail polish giveaway hosted by Erin of Black Sheep Lacquer. It was my first time actually winning something so I was obviously psyched! I received the three polishes(1 full sized, 2 minis) early April but just got around to actually swatching them this morning(just one hour ago)! Let’s get to it, shall we?

About Black Sheep Lacquer: 

Black Sheep Lacquer is hand made one of a kind, kickass nail polish. All Black Sheep Lacquer nail polish is cruelty and formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (big 3) free.

Be the Black Sheep! At Black Sheep Lacquer you will find original, one of a kind nail polishes. You won’t find these nail polish colours on anyone else.

Erin had to repackage them into a smaller envelope, but the polishes were nicely bubble wrapped and came in a lovely bag(I have no idea what to call the bags, my vocab is failing me at this time!)


blacksheeplacquercollage Bottle shots and some macros(using my iphone)!

I was planning to do a combined post, but realized that there’ll be too many photos! So..


First up is Blitz. I kind of went crazy taking photos of this polish..I was trying to capture it at all angles to get that glitter goodness.

Blitz is described as a clear suspension based packed with blue and gold flakie glitter. To me, it was more of holographic goodness as there were a multitude of colours, very similar to CG Fairy Dust(mini comparison here) in that aspect!

IMG_3732edit layered over (L>R) Couleur Inc Jet Black 64Sasatinnie(unknown purple), Essence Nude Glam 01 Hazelnut Cream PieThe Face Shop GR501.

Application was extremely easy, and the brush and bottle shape is comparable to Seche Vite top coat bottle. I was able to get out a decent amount of flakies on each nail. No issues here!


This is me trying to capture the flakies at an angle. You can see the shimmer on all colours.

One thing I like about Blitz is that it is so versatile. You can use it to spice up a french mani, a more neutral shade(Essence nude glam), or layer it over various colours. Of course black brings it out so much more..and in hindsight I should have swatched it over a darker blue to see the difference!


No top coat was used for any of these photos. Look at that shine. I can keep on staring at my nails the whole day.


Here’s an attempt to capture how Blitz is on the other colours. You can see the intermingling of the various sized flakes, all cooperating with each other.

Also, from the photos you can see how the underwear polishes were giving me trouble today. Essence’s brush was so huge it flooded my cuticles, Sasatinnie was being uncooperative and Couleur inc having PMS. SIGH. I did my best.. ):

Anyways, on Sasatinnie Blitz revealed her blurple side more, while on Essence she was rather shy, flashing occasionally under the light the gold flakes. She was bolder on black though, it’s definitely her soulmate!

IMG_3733edit One coat of Blitz

To create a denser look, you can apply again till satisfied. Do apply thin coats though and be patient!

Removal of Blitz was extremely easy too, despite the flakes. I just did my standard removal of soaking it in polish remover for a few seconds, before wiping off completely.

I honestly think Blitz would look really awesome matte..however I don’t have matte top coat as of now! Will update in future when I purchase one!

Blitz is currently one of my favourite polishes. Who could resist such a beauty? I also agree with Erin: the swatch does it no justice!!

You can check out Black Sheep Lacquer’s etsy shop(link provided above), and with any two full sized polishes, you get a free mini of your choice! Isn’t that awesome? (:


Can anyone recommend me a good black polish? 


*Products were won by me and review is my honest opinion. I was not paid by Black Sheep Lacquer to do this review.


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