Lets talk about O.P.I. ~~~

Image  *Purchased by me

Hi all,

I know this isn’t the first post but its my first post so hope you like it! For me, the first thing that comes to mind when i hear the words nail polish is O.P.I. I mean come on the brand has been around for ages and I am a FAN! I don’t have a huge collection as of now (that’s my ‘collection’ above!) but i do have some new polish coming in soon!

Currently, I have on a chocolatey brown polish that will sure make any nail look oh so pretty! Its called wooden shoe like to know?, by opi (of course!). I started with a strengthening base code from SallyHansen. Pretty average i would say.

The magic started with that first stroke of the polish! It was my first time using it and i kind of regretted getting that shade at first but once i put it on, I seriously couldnt stop looking at it! I personally feel that it compliments my skin tone and it was so easy to put on. Thats it below (forgive the quality though :/)


I ended with a top coat from OPI (its the small bottle above!) Easy, simple and AMAZING! Just how i like it 🙂

Soooo let me know what you think of the color and OPI in general!

Til next time,



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