Black Sheep Lacquer swatch and review- From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea

Hey all! (:

It’s finally Saturday! Hope everyone had a rather good week and can look forward to a lovely weekend for relaxation. A quick post which I had written previously as I’ll be rather busy these four days..but I’ll still be around to devote time for updates!

We’ve reached the third and final polish I won from the giveaway/contest hosted by the lovely Erin of Black Sheep Lacquer. For previous swatches check out here and here ^^



Today, I have From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea for you guys.

IMG_3741edit The green glitters are extremely apparent in the bottle.

Before I dive into the swatches, let me say that From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea was a surprise for me when I received my nail mail, as it was totally different from the photos Erin had on her etsy shop! Not that I minded, but it was sort of a surprise as I didn’t notice/know that there were green glitters in this.

As described by Erin: From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea is a light mint/gold green on its own. Over black, it’s a rich dark green with holographic and gold flecks.

For me, it turned out much darker than a mint..there was some apparent gold green on its own, but it is jammed packed with dark green circle(I think) glitters, which draws the attention away from the base colour of the polish. Nonetheless, it would be quite similar to what I would imagine the deep green sea to be like! Tiny specks like seaweeds floating around whilst shimmering under the sunlight.. but I digress.

All swatches were done without top coat to show the texture of the polish.

IMG_3720edit A weird two finger pose.

L>R: on its own and over black(the Couleur inc one that was being uncooperative ): )

The bumpy texture from the glitters are definitely apparent in the swatches. Some of the glitters stuck out of my nail tip..but nothing too troublesome (: As the glitters are very clustered, I did find some difficulty trying to get even coverage, a case of “congregating in the middle” and sparser on the sides..

IMG_3724edit Here you can see the difference when it’s swatched over black.

From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea definitely turns darker when layered over black, and I think I do prefer it that way! The gold flecks were also much more apparent..though there isn’t much!

IMG_3721edit This shot captures the sheen of From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea.

I surprisingly love it over black regardless of the PMS Couleur inc black polish. It reminds me of A England Tess of the d’Urbervilles in the dark tonal depth it creates. Not a dupe though!

I used two coats, one thin and medium coat in order to have no VNL.


And this is an attempt to have a macro shot using my iphone. The lovely green glitters can be seen. (:

Removal of From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea was a breeze considering the fact that it is composed of so much glitter, so I was pretty happy at this fact.. no scrubbing off tiny glitter particles. I can see myself using this polish for earth day/saint patricks’ themed manis! (:

♥, xinyu

*Products were won by me and review is my honest opinion. I was not paid by Black Sheep Lacquer to do this review.

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