The Clockwise Nail Polish: 1st Blog Anniversary Giveaway(International)

Hey guys, it’s already Sunday :O I’m preparing tomorrow’s blog post, but beforehand..

The lovely Cristina of The Clockwise Nail Polish is having a giveaway! It consists of three prizes and the giveaway ends on 15th May.

Prize number one is 4 Kinetics polishes. They are: Kinetics Red Gown, Kinetics Paris Green, Kinetics My blue Heaven and Kinetics Kwik Kote top coat.

Prize number two is dedicated to all of Cristina’s stamping friends and lovers!! 😀 It’s a full set of MASH Nail Art Image Plates (26-50) with the stamper and scraper from MASH!

Prize number three is also dedicated to all stamping lovers and it’s another MASH Nails Image Plates Set! But in this set there is one plate missing, that is MASH 50. Take this into account when you pick your prize. (:


For more details, check out The Clockwise Nail Polish here.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this giveaway, hoping to get some stamping plates as I’ve always wanted to try them out or even the polishes cause I’ve never heard of this brand before! Also, do follow Cristina, I love her nail art ideas! (:


♥, xinyu

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