O.P.I Bond Girls Collection



Hey guys!

IMG_3748edit (L>R: Solitaire, Pussy Galore, Jinx)

O.P.I Bond Girls have been circulating online and I kept sighing over the gorgeous swatches out there. Once Nail Deck announced they stocked O.P.I Bond Girls, I was over the moon, but still restrained myself and only reserved 3 polishes(which is half of the collection)!

Hehe these three are a gift from my lovely boyfriend though, as he just got his pay and wanted to treat me. ^^ They cost SGD$36 in total.

Okay I have to admit that I have never watched any Bond shows before..sorry to all the lovers out there..:/ But I did read  up on the Bond girls!

These are also my first time trying textured polishes..I have to say, Zoya and O.P.I have some of the nicest textures(but with dupes). CG’s attempt at the textured polishes didn’t really appeal to me..what do you guys think? Textured- Yay or Nay?

But on to the swatches:


Today I have Pussy Galore for you all. This is the name that makes your inner 12 year old giggle. It’s such an innuendo especially that this polish is light pink. Moving on…


This polish starts out with a frosty look but dries down to a lovely light pink. There are fuchsia/hot pink glitters interspersed throughout, which I only noticed when my nails caught the light! I couldn’t stop staring at them after that. ^^


There’s a lovely sheen to it though under some light which is nice considering it is textured. You can see how it looks on the nail after it has dried.



Unfortunately, the fuchsia glitters are impossible to capture on camera ): 

Also, I kept touching my nails after it has dried to feel the texture. It’s not so grainy to the touch, and is a rather pleasant feeling. I don’t know how to describe them though :/ 

The good thing about Pussy Galore (and the other polishes) is that the texture WILL NOT snag on clothing. I did have some initial issues about the shimmery sand sticking up on the tip of my nail, but that was fortunately resolved after a wash.

IMG_3763edit here’s a zoom in to see what I meant.

Pussy Galore took awhile to dry though, which I guess it’s due to the textured, pearly matte finish having to take time to set. The texture does even out any uneven application though, so no worries if you aren’t a pro at applying polish!

IMG_3757edit mani stance.

I used three coats for application just for camera sake to avoid any VNL showing up in photos. You could get away with two though.



I did try applying top coat on top of everything but this polish simply sucks away it all. I even used a thick coat of Seche Vite.. however I didn’t really mind as after I had applied the top coat, I instantly regretted. Heh. Anyways, the top coat does not change Pussy Galore in anyway, the colour still remains the same, just with added shine. I’m on my 4th day wearing this polish and no tip wear at all. Awesome. 


Love, xinyu (:

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