mini haul and toe nail art~

Hey everyone! Whew today was surprisingly busy for me..went to pay fees for the first semester of my uni course and then to parkway for some lunch and shopping..also had to replace my glasses’ lens(I’m shortsighted and also use glasses to view computer and tv..) So here I am writing this post without glasses. It just means that I can’t spend too long online!

Anyways… I had a mini haul from yesterday’s date with the bf! Not all polish related as I bought some presents for my parents, but the other half is nail related. ^^


Some nail stickers from daiso(shall test them out soon) and some craft punchers from Prologue. It’s basically inserting paper into the slot and when you press down the top you’ll get the image. If you’re thinking, “how does this relate to nail art?!”

Well, it does. Ever since Sarah of Chalkboard Nails posted about her stenciled heart gradient nails, I’ve been looking out for craft punchers as my old one was spoiled. I picked slightly harder designs so I can translate them onto my nails in the future ^^ The stars though..were cute so I took them. May go back for the heart shaped one! My bf and I were practically digging through the small basket for’s quite limited, I think only less than 12 designs!

Oh, and although Sarah did mention that scotch tape cannot be used, I did find that magic tape worked fine. An alternative to painters tape perhaps?


Anyways, my mum has been happily painting her toe nails/occasionally I do her toes with the polish I have. Although it isn’t running to the hundreds, it is a decent size for me.

Here are my mum’s nails painted with butter LONDON Trout Pout. 


She doesn’t think her toes are pretty enough to even warrant a photo(much less on my blog). Convince her otherwise? (:

I did find Trout Pout’s formula to be kind of finicky. ):< It was annoying considering it’s supposed to be a good brand.. but I love this colour all the same. IT WAS SO SURPRISINGLY NEON. Not a retina-searing neon, but a bright in-your-face kind of polish. Also, if you have ridges in your nails, Trout Pout is unforgiving on them and makes them very obvious. I used..4 coats if I remember correctly, alternating from thin to thicker coats to even out everything (especially on the big toes).

Anyways my mum’s nail on her right toe flaked off a tiny bit on the second day of wear, so she decided to remove them and apply something else(Illamasqua Mottle). Removal was a breeze for Trout Pout.


Like all of butter LONDON‘s polishes, the names have meanings. Trout Pout is in reference to those who inject collagen into their lips to make them plumper, particularly when it goes wrong and they look like a fish. Blurb blurb.

 image here

Yeeaahhh… no thank you. I honestly don’t like the name of this polish.

C’est la vie~

Time for me to go prep my nails to make room for new polish on them! Getting bored of staring at Pussy Galore.


xinyu (:




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