kitty cat nails

                                                                                                  *Purchased by Me

Hey all!

I know, I know, I’m updating this blog with two posts today! That’s cause the previous post is just some news about an exciting nail polish giveaway.. and this post will be about some nail art (from the vaults).

So I really love cats although I don’t keep one ): -but I plan to when I’m older- hence the way I make up for this is having cats on my nails. This is one of my really early cat nails when I had around 5 polishes and no nail art tools. In fact, my nails used to be entirely painted by my mum!

Cue older nail shape and older application skills:

-nail art 001 (2)edit

This was my base colour, Couleur Inc Beid 97 which I purchased for SGD$4.30 from Robinsons.

As you can see, I don’t usually paint my entire thumb, as it gives an illusion that the nail is longer. Also, making an appearance is my pajama pants, as the colour of my polish matches. Hmm, perhaps I should do some nail art based on those pants.. but I digress.

This was probably around 2 coats, in Couleur Inc Beid 97‘s heyday. Today, it is of finicky formula, and I struggle to get it applied evenly. Sad too, as this is one of my favourite colours.

-nail art 001 (3)edit kitty cat nails

The cat was painted with the aid of my mum, who is better at a brush than I am.

I pretty much painted the cat directly onto my bare nails :O, with no top coat!

Actually it is pretty simple to do, just a rather semi-circleish face and then add two pointed triangles. The details of the cat were also done using a fine paintbrush.

-nail art 001 (3)edit a

Due to the original photo being of poorer quality, this was the best I could do to zoom in.

The accent nail was painted using Eleanor ENP002 and Couleur Inc Jet Black 64.

I do think it still looks rather cute :3


Also, I want to thank Chelsea C and for following. It really gives me encouragement to continue on!  ♥♥

 thank mew.


love, xinyu~


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