Lacquered: butter LONDON Trout Pout + cherry blossom nails

*Purchased by Me

Hey guys! Happy Saturday!

I realised that no post went up yesterday, sorry about that! Bethanie did say she was going to post last night so I didn’t bother logging in..but she was probably busy..

Anyways, today I have one of my favourite manis to date for you guys! It’s apparent that I love it so much that I even decided that my right hand would make an appearance ^^


I call this mani cherry blossom nails as the flowers remind me of sakura blossoms, especially juxtaposed against the bright coral colour.


And that’s where butter LONDON Trout Pout comes out and takes a bow…

You guys have only seen it painted on toes, so I decided to do a swatch on fingernails to see whether there was a difference. Trout Pout is described as an “opaque cantaloupe, pale and retro”. As I said previously, this shade was a shocker for me as it was so fantastically, fabulously bright. So much till I joked to my mum that she could identify me from afar with just my nails.

Compared to all the swatches I’ve seen online, and in the bottle alone, Trout Pout pulled a more brighter, coral shade. On the Pantone scale[here] it’s probably 1788 C.(to my naked eyes, compared against the laptop screen) I love it regardless.



The colour does change depending on lighting, the pictures above were all taken at night under a less strong white light. Screams barbie pink to me here.. hmm.

IMG_3820 and under the sun shining through a bus window..more orange-y.

IMG_3790edit in shade.

Even though Trout Pout‘s formula was finicky for painting my mum’s toenails, it translated well onto my fingernails. The first coat does apply rather streaky, but that can be resolved with a slightly thicker second coat, which smooths out everything to perfection. There was also a rather nice shine to Trout Pout on its own, but unfortunately I forgot to take photos before I had applied top coat.


The flowers you see are actually nail stickers I purchased recently from Daiso.(also my first time trying 3D nail art) The box had a wooden stick thing with one end pointed and the other more tapered, which I used to remove the stickers and place onto my nail. the tapered end was used to ensure that the stickers were properly flattened on my nail.

By the way, don’t follow the instructions on the box. It stated to use your hands to remove the stickers; if you aren’t careful, you could spoil the stickers by accident- they are really delicate!



A close up of my thumb and the side view(albeit blurry) to show how far the gemstone protrudes.

I applied a thick layer of Seche Vite to seal in the design, and it also ensures that the sticker does not fall off.

The gemstones do not snag on your hair, and you can still function as per normal(i.e.: bathe, wash dishes, do chores..) Today is Day 3 of this mani and only two small petals on my right hand came off while I was in the shower. It doesn’t affect the design whatsoever though, so no worries! (:



It was rather tricky trying to maneuver the stickers onto my right thumb as I was unused to using my non-dominant hand. But I succeeded! 😀

I really love how the bright blue leaves of the flowers contrasted against the coral tones of Trout Pout. Love, love, love.

I love it so much that you have to bear with me as I leave you with two more photos of them. Can’t stop staring at this floral goodness. I purposely matched my ootd with my nails. Hehee~ ^^

IMG_3823 Lighting of a shopping mall

IMG_3818 Sunlight through bus window.



Have you tried using nail stickers? Any brands to recommend?

I think I’m addicted to nail stickers now. I just purchased two more packs from Watsons..but that’s another post. (:

♥, xinyu



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