Hello & Goodbye

* purchased by me

Hi everyone 🙂

I am finally back with a second post! I am currently on internship so I dont have that much time to post as often as Xin Yu so please bear with me! I will be done in 3 weeks but after that i will be away for a week or so, so no promises but i will try to post as much as possible before leaving!

Sooo back to nails, last week my dad had a trip to LA and i asked him to get some polishes for me (obviously!) I was thinking of getting some China Glaze ones but then i changed my mind and got all OPI instead 😛

Now I have 6 new polishes (oops my mum took one of them so there is only 5 in the pic!) to add to my collection!!!!


I will be doing reviews on them so stay tuned!

While I was waiting for my new polishes, I decided to try a new polish which was actually a Christmas gift! It was from The Faceshop. Even though I have heard that it isnt a good polish, I gave it a go as I kinda liked the color and also cause I knew that i would be wearing it for a couple of days only (Hehe!)

Unfortunately, I cant seem to find the name of either polish so I’ll just show you guys a pic!


After the base coat, I added two coats of the purple polish and I have to say i was a bit impressed. The polish covered my nail smoothly and the color turned out great! Although i added a second coat as I wanted a darker shade, I would say one coat was sufficient. To finish of, i used my OPI top coat.

Image      Image

I also wanted to try the glitter polish so for both my thumb and ring finger, I added a coat of glitter before finishing off with the top coat and this is how it looked like!


I didnt like the glitter polish at all! Firstly, one coat is insufficient to get glitter all over the nail. I needed 2 or 3 coats for the pic above! Secondly, it was not as easy to apply. It did not apply smoothly at all due to the glitter and the worse part of it all was the removal!

Today i decided to remove the polish and I had such a hard time getting it off! This is seriously the first time I had to use that much remover on one nail and furthermore, alot of the glitter didnt come off even after trying for a few minutes. I had to move on to the other nails first then come back to the ones with the glitter. So in overall, it was a horrid experience!

I guess I should have expected it due to the previous comments I heard but I was a bit taken aback due to the purple polish (i think?) Anyways, my OPI is here,so goodbye to these two!

Leave a comment if you faced such an experience before!

Til next time,



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