We’re on IG! and more…

Hey guys! Happy Monday(I guess (: )

A non-nail art post today..I’ll be swatching polishes on Thursday for the blog and having another mani done over the weekends. I’m still trying to keep my floral nail art on till Wednesday as I’ll be watching a theatre show, Rabbit Hole with my bf (:

First of all…


*Background image: macro shot of Different Dimension Light It Up Blue(self-taken)

Lacquered by bluevanilla is on instagram! Find us @lacqueredbybluevanilla

So far I’m uploading the older pictures from the blog, before new ones will be added. (:




Lacquered by bluevanilla is on tumblr and facebook! Find us @ lacqueredbybluevanilla.tumblr.com and here (:



Bethanie will be heading to Europe(probably Spain) at end May-early June-the lucky girl!

Any suggestions on what polish brands/nail related items(i.e. stickers, decals) to purchase and bring back? Let us know in the comments please! ^^


Third, check out Sarah of Chalkboard Nails‘ Freebie Friday for some awesome macro shots for your iphone (: These polishes make amazing wallpapers, I currently have KBShimmer Squared Away as my laptop background and Naild’it Unique Nail Polish Confetti Falls as my iphone wallpaper (:

check out http://bit.ly/freebiefriday01 for the gorgeous macros ^^

Happy polishing~

love, xinyu


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