Tuesday Talk- nail shape and my au naturel nails

cherry_blossom_ image {here}

Hey guys! I’ve decided to start a ‘Tuesday Talk’, or TT for short.

So basically every Tuesday, instead of swatches or manis, I will be posting about other things, be it nail care, some other beauty product or whatever you guys would want me to talk about! For why should this blog be restricted to nail polish only..it’s fun to jazz it up a bit (:

So don’t hesitate to comment, I love to hear from you guys!


For today’s TT, I’ll be talking about nail shape and showing you my nails in ALL THEIR NAKED GLORY. Hee. I don’t mind flashing the occasional naked nail, for there are times where we need to let our nails rest and bask in their au naturel state. Also, it took awhile for my nails to get to what they are now, so I’m proud to flaunt them.

nailsnakedcollage au naturel~

I used to be a nail biter(but only biting the free edge, which is the white area extending past your nail plate)..until junior college where I had art friends who had gorgeous nails and did nail art, which spurred me to not bite my nails anymore. That is how I ended up with such nails as seen above. I will not show you the one and only photo I have of my old nails, to spare you the ugliness(read, ultra ultra short) of it all.

Anyways, with filing(which I don’t usually do, other than to smooth out any rough edges, whoops!) you can achieve various nail shapes.

image [here]

It all depends on your preference, though honestly I’m never one for the almond shape. They look like talons and like you can gouge people. Yeesh.

Different nail shapes complement different lengths and nail beds, with the round nail usually for those who want to maintain short nails, and of course, for men. Creates the illusion of a thinner nail bed.

The square.

Usually the most popular shape by many nail bloggers, and is great for french manicures. Ideal for bigger nail beds.

The oval.

Used to be very popular, but now the square seems to have taken over. This shape however, flatters almost everyone, with or without bigger nail beds.

The squoval.

Basically the square+oval shape combined.



I think my nails could fall in the squoval category, but I’m not sure. Mine seems to be a weird mix of oval, square, squoval.. you get the picture.

Regardless.. which nail shape do you prefer/is your nails under? (Or are they like mine, uncategorized?) What do you think of this TT section? (:



Thanks for reading and happy Tuesday~



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