Battle of the black polishes: Revlon Black Lingerie vs Couleur Inc Jet Black 64

Hey everyone! It’s Wednesday already..time really flies!

Today, I have a quick comparison post for you guys as I was unable to save my previous floral mani ( ): ). I did some swatching instead! (:

Remember when I griped about my black polish? Well, I was out one day so I popped into Guardian and purchased a new one. Yup. Ever since I discovered that Watsons and Guardian sold polishes, I’ve been hooked and constantly check in. I love the bigger stores, as they sell more things. ^^ However, I digress. On to the battle!~


In one corner we have Revlon Black Lingerie and the other, Couleur Inc Jet Black 64. 

SGD$11.90 goes up against SGD$4.30.

Does the more expensive polish live up to its name, we shall find out with the swatches below. (:

*Revlon Black Lingerie(RBL) on ring and pinky; Couleur Inc Jet Black 64(CI) on index and middle finger. No top coat used for swatches.

IMG_3904 natural light

CI applies very streaky, and thick coats are required if you want to fill out the nail bed. The streakiness also results in uneven coverage which does not level out. Does has a sheen under light.

RBL: although I’ve read other reviews that this polish was sheer and not so good, it was not the case for me. The polish dried with a lovely shine and applied smoothly with no issues.

Unable to tell the difference between the two colour-wise.


Here I have photos of their brushes. Although not very clear here, RBL’s brush had a slightly fanned out shape, with a slightly curved end. CI’s brush was more straight and it was tougher to work with near the cuticles.


Revlon Black Lingerie can be opaque in ONE COAT. However, two were used for a better shine and photo purposes, in order to have no VNL.

Couleur Inc Jet Black 64 is streaky..streaky..streaky. Two-three thick coats were used, and not even self-leveling. It is quick drying, I have to give points for that. However, RBL was close in drying time too.


We have a clear-cut winner: Revlon Black Lingerie wins hands down. *throws confetti*


This time it’s a case of paying more, for better quality. I’m so glad I purchased this polish and look forward to using it for galaxy nail art and layering glitter.


have you tried Revlon polishes before? 

♥, xinyu


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