OPI Bond Girls Collection- Jinx

*Purchased by Me

Hey everyone!

Watched Rabbit Hole by Pangdemonium yesterday night with my bf and IT WAS AWESOME. The cast was really good and the play brought the audience along the different high and lows..one moment you could be laughing but the next-plunged into awkward silence and sadness. However…I’m not here to do a review on Rabbit Hole(do watch it though) but to show you polish! ^^



I caved at Daiso again and decided to buy the polishes! I did consider them properly and ask my bf whether I should get them, he went, “of course, you don’t have anything like it”. Also, everything was SGD$2. So yeah, they came home with me, will show swatches of them next time! ^^


Today I have OPI Jinx for you guys.


Jinx is a orange/coral polish with gold sparkles. It was sparkly, bright..I loved it.



Honestly I was rather worried about this polish as I didn’t know how it would look like on me. Would I get lobster hands? Will it be too flashy? A couple of questions were running through my head as I purchased this..





Look at that lovely gold shimmer. W-O-W.


I used 2 coats, no formula issues.

I accidentally snagged a bit of the polish on my pinky and noticed it after I took photos..but still decided to show you the swatches.

IMG_3925 I think the beauty of Jinx makes up for everything.

The close up to see this textured goodness.

If you thought this polish had wow-ed you, wait till you see it top coated.


I actually tried it matte(index and middle) and with top coat(ring and pinky).

Thick layers of top coat is needed as like all textured polishes, they will suck away the top coat really quickly. Jinx was no exception.

The top coat really changes the polish and gives it so much more depth, and it sparkles like crazy under the sun even more. The mix of orange and gold is breathtaking; I could stare at my nails all day.


I know..I know, you guys are probably wondering why I matte-d Jinx when it was already textured. Well, there is a great difference. Jinx becomes much more subtle, and the gold glitters are very demure and yet flirtatious at the same time.



I like Jinx all three ways-top coated, matte, and textured. It is like I purchased a SGD$12 polish for a 3 in 1 thing.

If you guys are hesitant of the textured trend, I definitely recommend trying out the OPI Bond Girls Collection. For the more daring, Jinx is your to-go polish, perfect for summer.


love, xinyu (:


*I was not paid by OPI to do any review, all products were purchased by me. For more information, check out my contact and disclosure link above.




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