O.P.I Bond Girls- Solitaire: swatch and review

*Purchased by Me

Hey guys! It’s finally Friday (:

Wrapping up the first textured polishes I purchased from Nail Deck with swatches of OPI Solitaire. (: The mani I did, which some of you may have seen on IG, will be up tomorrow or Monday.. depending on when Bethanie will be posting her lovely nails! ^^


OPI Solitaire is one of those polishes where I saw swatches and went- I’m definitely getting it. A lovely textured pearly/snow white polish, with black and silver glitter. Remember the White Witch from Narnia? I can see her rocking this polish on her nails.


Solitaire causes normal white polishes to bow in shame. Hehee.

The texture, like the other liquid sand polishes, will not snag on clothing and is not rough.. in fact you’ll be constantly touching your nails(like my bf was doing the other day-he was FASCINATED*) as the texture feels so interesting! ^^

*ways to attract the attention of your man, number 1. haha!


There is a lovely sheen when daylight captures it, really reminiscent of snowy capped mountains. Sigh~

I used two coats for no VNL. No formula issues here!


Unfortunately, the black glitters weren’t very apparent on my nails.. but I did manage to capture some of them peeking out.



Here’s a rather blurry shot which captures the lovely silver sparkles.

For my right hand, as I had to apply a third layer of polish on my thumb and index finger, I did find that Solitaire took longer to dry. Probably around 20 minutes and it was not fully textured and could be dented. It didn’t help that I was rushing for time as silly me didn’t plan properly and paint my nails earlier..but it turned out alright in the end. ^^



Took a quick shot, but this is what you should see when it dries. This photo was taken indoors nearing the evening.

And to top it all..


A zoomed in photo of Solitaire on my index finger.

The black glitters are so much more apparent in the photograph than to the naked eye!

I did not apply top coat for Solitaire as it honestly does not do any difference to the polish.



Which is your favourite out of the Bond Girls Collection?

I did want to get Tiffany Case and Honey Ryder, but I heard that Tiffany Case is a stainer.. and well, I had to save money! Felt bad if my bf bought them all for me! (He does sponsor my polish occasionally, love him.)^^ Perhaps next time~ (:


♥, xinyu

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