tribal accent nails with O.P.I Solitaire

Hey everyone!

So continuing from the swatch I did of OPI Solitaire seen here,(and if you want swatches of Jinx and Pussy Galore it is here and here, respectively..) I have some nail art done with it for you guys.

I couldn’t just leave Solitaire alone..I had to jazz the mani up.



Here are them in their textured glory, straight after I had done them.

As usual, click on the photos to see a better close up. (:

I used a Uniball Figno 0.38 pen, after seeing Alice of One Nail To Rule Them All‘s post about using gel pens to do a mani. It is quite an old post, but I only started trying it out yesterday! This was also my first time doing tribal nails.



All the black lines were done using my gel pen, and the purple was also done using a gel pen, same brand.

This method is really quick, and so much easier compared to using my nail art pen from Etude House! You do have to go over the lines a bit as Solitaire is textured, hence it is not a ‘one smooth drawing’ kind of thing.



Silly me forgot I had a dotting tool.. so I whipped it out and used it to dot in butter LONDON Trout Pout and The Face Shop GR501.

The colours really spiced up the tribal accents!

Even though Solitaire only peeked out at certain areas on the accents, you could still see the lovely glints of silver glitter. Love. ❤



I even managed to draw in the lines steadily for my right hand..but for fear of messing it up I just asked my mum to help me with my dominant hand, hehe! She was surprised that I could use a pen for such things… I guess she learns something new each day! ^^

I then top coated everything with thick layers of Seche Vite.

IMG_3988 You can see some of the shine of the accent here.

I used three layers of SV as textured polishes tend to suck away top coat.

I waited in between layers to ensure that everything was properly covered as, well, I guess the ink could be washed off easily. However, it did not smudge when top coated. So much better than those nail art pens.

There was an interesting contrast between the top coated nail and the textured ones. I kept touching my nails cause both ways felt so nice haha! 😀

I think I’m going to try using gel pens on normal nail polishes next time. Think of all the possibilities! When you’re bored in lecture, you can just start drawing on your nails. Best of all, the lecturers won’t suspect a thing, and you’ll walk out with cool nails. Hehee.


What do you think of using gel pens for nails?

❤, xinyu




One thought on “tribal accent nails with O.P.I Solitaire

  1. After reading this article on how you achieve these wonderful nail designs, i must try it out myself over the weekend at home. I am so inspired by this cool nail art design ideas

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