Essence Nude Glam 01 Hazelnut Cream Pie + LA Splash Cosmetics Princess Pink

Hey guys! Happy Mothers’ Day to all the lovely mothers out there. (:

Today’s been just a scorcher so I’m chilling at home with the parents… we had a double celebration as it’s also my dad’s birthday today!


How did you guys spend Mothers’ Day? (:

The bf also gave me a surprise call yesterday… he is currently in army serving National Service. (: [NS is compulsory for all guys after JC and poly in Singapore, for those who don’t know (: ] It was good to talk and hear how he’s doing!


Anyways, today I have one from the drafts… I swatched it sometime over the week.


I forgot to take bottle shots, but here is Essence Nude Glam 01 Hazelnut Cream Pie. The glitter is a swatch of LA Splash Cosmetics Princess Pink.

(On my middle finger there appears to be a dent, but in fact I think it was one of the brush hairs from Essence Nude Glam. I didn’t remove it as I wanted to show you guys that this may happen.)

Essence Nude Glam 01 Hazelnut Cream Pie has a huge brush, that on my first swatch of it, seen here, I flooded my cuticles. I was more careful this time round and managed to avoid any flooding.


My middle finger has one coat of Hazelnut Cream Pie, the ring and pinky has two coats each. There is some pink shimmer in this polish, but unfortunately not extremely visible.

I used a thin coat for the first layer, then a medium-thick coat for the second to have no VNL. I think Hazelnut Cream Pie does complement my skin tone, but to be honest, when I first purchased it I thought the Essence Nude Glam Collection was able to be used for french manis. I think I’ll go back and purchase some others from the collection!

My only gripe about Essence polishes is the thick brush.. even wider than OPIs! Do take that in note when you purchase it… on the other hand, it does fill out your nail bed well.

As Princess Pink is a clear based glitter, I decided to layer it over Hazelnut Cream Pie.


The index shows Princess Pink in one coat.

I initially bought Princess Pink with hopes that it was a shimmery pink-based polish…but you can see that’s not the case at all! The pink in the bottle does not translate to the nail, so it’s better layered or perhaps used in a jelly sandwich. ^^

I do think this polish vamps up Hazelnut Cream Pie a lot. So much more sparkly, yet remaining a lovely nude which is perhaps still office-appropriate! (:


Princess Pink was dabbed over my pinky in a drip attempt… but it was kind of gloopy so that was tougher to achieve.

I used two coats for my ring finger, but you can get away with one as it is packed! It probably depends on your preference- how much sparkle do you want? ^^

Let’s call this a holo glitter, shall we? There are flashes of purple, blue, fuschia, pink…at all angles. Indeed a sparkler.


Quick dry time for both Hazelnut Cream Pie and Princess Pink, the latter drying slightly gritty due to its glitter nature.

I did not apply top coat for any of these photos…that gorgeous shine comes from the polish! (:


Here’s a [albeit blurry] shot of the two polishes together in shade. You can catch glimpses of other colours of Princess Pink coming out to play!

Even though I purchased these two polishes with different expectations, I still love both of them. Hazelnut Cream Pie can be used with so many other glitter polishes to give it more oomph, and Princess Pink looks different swatched over other colours too! I have a swatch of her over butter LONDON Trout Pout, and it looks amazing. Shall show it to you guys soon!~~

Have a good Sunday!~

love, xinyu

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