The Untrieds: The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Nails GR504

*Purchased by Me

Hey everyone! To kick off the start of a new week, I have something different for you guys today. It’s one from The Untrieds and also on a swatch stick… as my brain does not like this colour at all swatched on my nails! So there’s a kind of block in painting this colour on.. Anyways, here’s The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Nails GR504.


As with most of The Face Shop polishes, the numbers are only what identifies the polishes. It is 3-Free.

Here’s some background information on how I got this polish..

I’m not a very ‘green’ polish kind of girl as I’m more for the mint colours. This polish was originally purchased by me for my guy friend(yup, guy friend.) As he went into army, he passed it back to me as turns out he didn’t like the colour as he felt it was very Dexter. [He was the one who chose the colours anyways…]

The bottom line is, I got this back for free.

Here’s a macro shot of the polish.


GR504 dries with a glossy shine.

Honestly, on my swatch wheel, the green polish turned out rather nice. It is a really vivid colour though.


I used 1 and a half coats for this swatch for the polish to even out. No formula issues here.

I have realised that with The Face Shop polishes, using a medium-thick coat for each layer helps. It’s the same case for GR504 here.


As I type this post, I’m starting to hold less of a prejudice against it. It does have a lime colour, and doesn’t look that bad on my skin. Who knew?

I’m guessing that I’ll use this for Earth Day themed manis or as a base for layering other polishes, along with my original idea of using it for nail art-mainly the leaves of flowers. It’ll be a better fate compared to sitting in the sad depths of my polish box! ^^




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