Tuesday Talk- nail care choices


Hey everyone, hope the start of your week has been going fine! (:

We’re back with another round of TT today, and I shall talk about my nail care choices.

Compared to other polish bloggers, my nail care routine is rather simple, and I find that it is sufficient to help my cuticles and nails. I never really had much of a problem with my nails, but ever since turning to the polish world, I’ve been taking much better care of my hands, ensuring that they do not feel dry or have hangnails. Also, checking for any staining of nails has been my routine after I’ve removed polish after swatching or a mani.

Let’s move on to my nail care choices. I will talk about them in better detail. ^^

*These are not affiliate links, I do not earn any commission from them.


Vardi & Migdal(V&M) Dead Sea Natural Beauty Nail Kit- Cuticle Oil

Vardi & Migdal Cuticle Oil contains natural oils and minerals from the Dead Sea which helps to restore softmess and strength to your cuticle, and rejuvenate dry, damaged nail. It also helps to preserve normal moisture levels in the cuticle, which is crucial to keep the nails healthy and strong for years to come.
With extracts of Rose Moschata Seed Oil, Peony, White Magnolia, and Elder Flower, this conditioning body cream glides on easily, leaving skin velvety soft and beautifully scented. A rich blend of Shea Butter along with Rose Hip, Evening Primrose – both rich in essential fatty acids – Grape Seed, Jojoba, Wheat Germ Oils moisturise dry skin.
Age-defying formula helps reduce the visible signs of aging, leaving hands soft and smooth with a more youthful appearance.
Available in Rosewater, Lavender, Pomegranate, Citron, La Source and Gardeners fragrance./ 
Improves skin’s barrier function to reduce moisture loss for extraordinary softness and hydration with our Hand Therapy.
Available in India Hicks Island Living, Iris, Rosewater, Lavender, Pomegranate, Citron, La Source and Gardeners (275g) fragrance.
IMG_4037 V&M Dead Sea Nail Kit-Cuticle Oil
This kit was actually purchased a long time ago when I had fugly nails…and even though my mum and I use a lot of this product constantly nowadays, we are only 1/4 through the bottle as you can see in the picture above. There is also a buffer and body and hand cream(never used) but now I don’t use the buffer as it is rather old.
I definitely do feel a difference to my nails when I apply this cuticle oil, as it does hydrate my nails! ^^ Word of warning: it can be rather oily (it is cuticle oil after all) so apply sparsely and before bed is the best.
IMG_4044 Crabtree&Evelyn Rosewater Body Lotion
Okay, I alternate between this and the hand lotion…this was used previously for my hands to moisturize, and I love this scent. I’m not usually one for very strong scents, but this lotion clicks very well with me. Best of all, I got this free. I think it was a gift to my brother or what so he passed it to me, and I discovered it in a dusty corner of my toilet…Now it’s being lovingly used!
IMG_4043 Crabtree&Evelyn Rosewater Hand Therapy
Honestly, I did not know this consisted of an age-defying formula…meh. Even though I’m 19, I still have to protect my hands from ageing and keep them looking youthful both for myself and readers. Hehee. ^^
Same story- received this for free, was in the gift with the body lotion above. I use this much more religiously than the body lotion, and I sort of use this as a cuticle cream too…it does keep my skin feeling nice and soft, and there’s a lovely light rose scent. I also massage my nails with this, as I’ve read somewhere that massaging your nails will help in circulation and keep them healthy. It doesn’t hurt to try! (:
Crabtree&Evelyn is a rather expensive brand(to me) so I’m hoping my lotions can last a long time. It does seem that way though, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! ^^
I also just file my nails with the back of a normal nail cutter, I’ve read that it weakens your nails, but my nails are pretty strong. I also don’t file it down completely, but just to ensure that my nail is smooth(so I won’t scratch myself), and is of a nice shape.
On a side note, I am signing up for the Born Pretty Store’s Affiliate Program.
♥, xinyu

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