Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails #1 Screw Driver

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is scheduled as I will be out with my mum going shopping and mainly chilling…which hopefully means I’ll be able to pick up somemore polish. ^^ Totally regret not buying lacquer lust polishes at *SCAPE sometime back! So I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to find what I like at a cheap price…wish me luck! 😀

A rather short post today, but this is one from the drafts…I’ll be swatching and trying out some nail art on Thursday.

Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails makes an appearance today! ^^ This is in #1 Screw Driver.

110213 001


Basically it is a gradation nails kit with three 4ml polishes. They are as follows:

-Base: Soft Orange
-Middle: Sweet Orange
-Top: Fresh Orange

There are 6 sets in total and I purchased this for SGD$12.90(I think) at an Etude House retail outlet. The reason I chose this colour was because I don’t have any orange polishes at all in my collection, and I wanted this to be my Valentines’ Day + Chinese New Year mani. I did want to purchase the teal/blue one too, but the price was kind of a turn off…

110213 003


Anyways this gradation nail kit is practically foolproof. There are also instructions on the back on how to achieve the look. You just apply the base coat, and once that dries, apply the middle colour around 3/4 of your nails(it is up to you really), and the top colour at 1/2 of the nail(with both base + middle colour). I hope I’m making sense here!

The brushes of Etude House polishes were easy to handle, so much that I could actually paint my dominant hand all by myself without any trouble! (: They were also fast drying.

The base colour, Soft Orange, is rather sheer, and this took me around 2 medium-thick coats. I did not really bother about VNL at this point, as it would be covered up later on.

The middle colour, Sweet Orange, is also a sheer, clear based light orange glitter polish. It is ideal for layering and of course, gradient nails. I used 1 coat if I recall correctly.

The top colour, Fresh Orange, is darker compared to the rest, hence it is more opaque. I randomly added it over the top in a thinner coat. I also went over once more for extra bling.

110213 002 with ootd.


The trick to these is not to be perfect, I find that they look better when the gradient is more random. Very subtle and pretty.

Best of all, you can use the polishes individually…Soft Orange has a noticeable dent in it, I think I’ve left 2ml of it! Boo ):

I’ve been restraining myself to purchase the rest…must resist polish temptation! Of course we all know that’ll never work! 😀

You can check out the other colours [here]. I think if I will purchase again, I’ll definitely buy online and not directly from Etude House retail stores. It is so much cheaper, and I do think it is safe(just purchase from gmarket or korean beauty online shops!)



♥, xinyu


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