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Hey everyone! It’s already Thursday :O.

I had a great time with my mum shopping yesterday, and if you follow us on instagram, you’ll see that I managed to swing by Dyon @ *SCAPE for some polishes. I’m currently getting my nails ready for my first participation in SGSwatchFest, but today I’ll talk about prom nails. Why? Cause it’s prom season soon somewhere, even though in Sg, our prom is at the end of the year.

I re-wore my secondary 4 prom dress for my junior college prom, as it was a gorgeous(and expensive dress), and no one in JC saw it before so I didn’t really care! It’s called saving money. (:

My theme was black and gold so I translated that onto my own nails:

-nail art 001edit

I used Couleur Inc Jet Black 64 and added a stroke of OPI Simmer & Shimmer down the middle. I then sponged Chic Nail Lacquer 001 onto the tips. The end result was some sort of fade-y galaxy dust effect.

Apologies for the blurry photo, this mani was so sparkly my phone went crazy. -nail art 001 (1)edit

Here’s a better photo taken a few days after. No tip wear at all. ^^

I did my nails by myself(with my mum’s help) as I don’t believe in wasting money on a manicurist when I can achieve such effects on my own! I did have a couple of people asking me if I went to a professional nail technician, but my nails are definitely not pro nail tech standard! (:

———————————————————————————————————————————————— What you want to do for your nails depends on what you prefer.

You can choose roses[an example seen previously on the blog, here], or a simple french tip to keep your entire look feminine and classy. Nail stickers can be a choice too, and adorn your nails straight away with little effort[here].

Or you could go with loads of bling and glitter to keep your tips fairy like, have a gradient; or be the opposite: go rebel and add some gold studs to embellish your mani!

Cult Cosmetics-previously known as Nasty Nails- also has a couple of nail kits to help get you started, or if you already own some polishes, you can follow video tutorials on how to achieve the look!

Here are some looks, all images from Cult Cosmetics. None of these are affiliate links.

Click for Prom Nails Ever After

Twilight Sky Twilight Sky

Inspired By: Tiffany & Co. Inspired By: Tiffany & Co.

Matte Mystique By Anna Matte Mystique By Anna

Floral Fancy by Chelsea Floral Fancy by Chelsea


I really love all these ideas, and I definitely want to try some of them out. I think the best thing about these looks is that they do not fall into the “prom only” category, but can be worn on a daily basis! ^^

I’ll love to see your prom nails, so don’t hesitate to contact me!




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