jelly sandwich nails with O.P.I Don’t Touch My Tutu! – an experiment

Hey everyone, TGIF! (:

I’ll most likely be spending today at the library reading up books on the history of design and preparing for my online shop…I’m going to give online business a shot. When it’s set up, do support me! ^^

Anyways, today I have some jelly sandwich nails for you guys with O.P.I Don’t Touch My Tutu!.


I purchased this on Wednesday from Dyon @ *Scape as I really wanted to experiment doing a jelly sandwich. They were almost sold out on the O.P.I New York City Ballet Collection, but luckily they still had this polish in stock!

I layered different glitters over each finger to see how they turned out. The result could a called a failure as some glitters worked and others did not… I shall show you photos to explain what I mean!


I applied base coat as per normal and then one coat of Don’t Touch My Tutu!. It is a soft, white jelly, and I’ve read from some polish blogs(can’t recall which ones at the moment :/) that it is pretty similar to Essie Marshmallow.

Anyways, after that had dried, I went ahead with one coat of glitter polish on each nail.

  • index: LA Splash Cosmetics Princess Pink
  • middle: O.P.I Simmer & Shimmer
  • ring: Different Dimension Light It Up Blue
  • pinky: Winmax Nail Brights 122


This is where the failure started. To me, O.P.I Simmer & Shimmer was the wrong polish to use for a jelly sandwich look as I did not like how packed the glitters were on the nail! It just did not sit well with Don’t Touch My Tutu!.

Winmax Nail Brights 122, a polish I picked up from Daiso, was kind of faded over Don’t Touch My Tutu!. I think it would look better over another jelly polish of a different colour. Which also means I need to hunt for more jellies!


When I applied my second coat of O.P.I over, I think I got too much polish on my brush when applying for my pinky and it drowned out the glitter. ):

I definitely love the look of Light It Up Blue sandwiched though, it looks so much better compared to the rest. Princess Pink fell flat but it was still acceptable. But look at Light It Up Blue. Love it, the sandwich makes it look so soft! and it’ll probably glow too! ^^

Also, my ring finger reminds me of something from White Owl Lacquers, due to its dreamlike quality.

I will definitely try out a proper mani using Light It Up Blue, except I’ll probably use two coats of Don’t Touch My Tutu to reduce VNL! ^^ At least this experimentation enabled me to learn which glitters work best in a jelly sandwich…


♥, xinyu

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