cause everyone feels like showing a little naked nail now and then- Fruit Alert

Hey everyone! It’s Monday…hope your week has got on to a good start!

Today I probably have by far the cutest nails I’ve ever done to date to show you all. This also ties in with the May Nail Art Challenge by @californails on IG. (Finally I have something for nail art challenges.)


Today’s theme is Strawberries and this is what I came up with:


Done using O.P.I Jinx and a Uniball Signo pen.

I feel really proud of these nails as I came up with these entirely by myself. It’s tough to create something original in the nail world, but then again I may be speaking too soon as somebody else may have created these. Nonetheless, this mani is 100% original! 😀


I titled the post as such as it is as my VNL is definitely apparent in photos. To achieve these nails, I applied one coat of The Face Shop Base Coat and when that was dry, I dotted O.P.I Jinx into random areas in strawberry-like shapes. I then used a green Uniball Signo 0.38 pen to create the leaves.

When everything had dried, I used a black Uniball Signo 0.38 pen to create black dots/dashes as the strawberry seeds.


I think the end result is sort of a Japanese kawaii-style strawberry nails.

I’m really happy I decided to use Jinx instead of Illamasqua Untold, as the former is much more opaque and the lovely golden glitters add a beautiful sheen to the strawberries. Makes them really delicious looking! :3


Jinx also gave the strawberries a nice textured effect as it is after all, a liquid sand polish! I could just stare at these nails all day…

Unfortunately I took them off after I took photos as I was actually doing swatches + nail art for the blog! No worries though- I will definitely redo these nails, and perhaps try them using butter LONDON Nail Foundation. I’m currently waiting for Sephora to restock them before I purchase it.


However, I do think the strawberries look nice against some naked nails! Hehee. ^^

Of course, nails must be in a pretty good condition in order to have this effect.

On a side note, I’ve started using an old disc as my nail polish palette! Saves clean up and it’s really convenient.

♥, xinyu

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