Is your vampire as buff as mine?

*Purchased by Me

Hey everyone!

Today I have something more basic for you guys, a simple swatch of (yup, you guessed it) O.P.I My Vampire Is Buff. Even though I might be a little late in jumping onto the bandwagon in the polish world with this swatch, I’ve only recently picked it up for purchase.

This is one of those polishes which falls in my “where have you been all my life” category.



My Vampire Is Buff is from the O.P.I Euro Centrale Collection and is described as “creamy, pale and nude…just how I like my vampires.” Uhm okay…

Anyways, this shade turned out nicely on my skin tone and I was rather pleased with that, I was worried it’d look washed out. Instead, it is a gorgeous off-white cream creme polish.

*Note: I did realise that I had some difficulty trying to photograph My Vampire Is Buff, it kept on turning out more white in the photos as opposed to the cream colour.



I do hope this polish is not some reference to the Twilight movie though…:S Apologies to any Twilight fans.



I used 2 coats, a medium thick one on the second layer to even out everything. The first coat was applied thinly and was rather streaky.

It wasn’t that much of a hassle, and it is definitely worth it with this polish! This is the base for any nail art, and the fact that it does not give a stark white contrast = LOVE.

I’ve become a fan of O.P.I’s brushes, the width fills my nail bed nicely! I’m still working on getting that perfect curve around my cuticles, so bear with me please! It’s hard when I don’t have a good brush for clean up.


This is probably the only photo which I managed to capture the creamy colour of My Vampire Is Buff!

Perhaps a polish which is close to giving me mannequin hands. What do you guys think? (:




2 thoughts on “Is your vampire as buff as mine?

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