My vampire is tribal.◀◁◀◁

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the late post today, I headed out to collect my portfolio and documents from DesignSingapore Council(didn’t get the scholarship ): ) and then swung by Plaza Singapura for some shopping! I didn’t buy much in the end, only two boxes and some nail related glitters from Daiso, and I couldn’t even find the chain I needed! It’s seriously going to hinder the opening of my shop… so if any of you dear readers know where I can buy this ball chain for keychains… please let me know! 



That aside, I have some nail art for you guys today! Featuring O.P.I My Vampire Is Buff which I showed you swatches yesterday.

Some of the tribal design is copied from Eva from Coewless Nail Polish.

IMG_4142 In the beginning stages…

I used a black Uniball Signo 0.38 gel pen to draw in the black lines, as I’ve always wanted to test out gel pens on a smooth surface compared to my textured ones! It was practically effortless, drawing over the base colour.



I then dotted in the colours using butter LONDON Trout Pout(the bright coral) and The Face Shop Gr501(light blue).

I also tried adding in a bit of my Daiso polish, Winmax Nail Sparks 89, a sheer, beige looking polish with glitter.



I then went over once more with my gel pen for the black areas which had been covered up.

In hindsight, I should have gone colour first, then black pen. Ah wells. Live and learn! I’m kind of on the fence for this mani, I think the Daiso polish caused things to look lumpy.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a brown polish or I would have used it like the original mani! Oh well~


What do you think of this mani?


Also, check out The Super Cool Grandopening of Leesha’s Lacquer Nail Art Giveaway! Open internationally, with awesome prizes for the winner. Runs for 1 month. Click on the link to follow through for more details.


– love, xinyu (:

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