Let’s go bold with the Untold.

*Purchased by Me

Hey everyone, TGIF!

Here in Sg we have another long weekend as today is Vesak Day, so it’s a holiday! I didn’t sleep in though, woke up early for some exercise and then had a lovely breakfast with the family at Delifrance!


Moving on, today I (finally) did swatches of Illamasqua Untold which I purchased awhile back. I never got around to swatching this baby ever since discovering it was a clear base glitter polish. But here with are, with some Untold.

IMG_3571 Shall we take a moment to appreciate this beauty in the bottle?

Look at that shimmer, it’s so jaw-dropping gorgeous. Untold is also my very first purchase of a red polish! I finally bought some peel-off base coat(swatches soon) and hence was more ready to start wearing this on my nails.

Brace yourselves…

IMG_4106 This is one coat.

Obviously very sparse, with loads of uneven coverage. Not to fret, the magic comes very soon after! ^^

IMG_4110 hellooo gorgeous!♥

Reaching this opaqueness took 3 coats of Illamasqua Untold. My advice is to really wait thoroughly after each layer has dried! Thankfully, dry time with Illamasqua polishes are really quick. No top coat was used for the swatches.

The brushes of Illamasqua polishes are rather thin though, but I still managed to get a decent swatch. I think the trick for their polishes is a thin coat, then medium to thicker coat to speed up things!


I did do some dabbing on the third coat to get better coverage in some areas. I can’t wait to get a proper opaque polish (O.P.I Couture de Minnie Summer 2013 will be up once I place an order) and then Untold will be much easier to handle! This is due to me not liking the bits of my tips showing through; it’s so tough to get glitter polish on all the way. It looks like there’s polish shrinkage but it isn’t!

Anyways, even with all the glitter, Untold is not clumpy/bumpy at all.

IMG_4114 shade.

Let’s compare these to Dorothy’s ruby slippers in Wizard of Oz:


Yup. No words needed.

I was also really happy with how Untold turned out with my skin tone, it’s so dazzingly gorgeous and vampy at the same time!

Have you tried any Illamasqua polishes?

♥, xinyu


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