Who doesnt love flowers & summer?

* purchased by me

Hey guys!! I am finally back! I know i was MIA for about 1-2 weeks as I had a major project for my internship so I didnt have much time to upload anything. All the posts had to be done by xin yu so I am gonna try to do as many as possible these few days (I am leaving on holiday to SPAIN on wed 😀 & I have an exam on tues :/ )

Anyways about a week back I actually uploaded my nail art on our Instagram account and now i am just gonna go into more details. For that week, I decided to use pink and purple polishes as its almost summer! (even though we have summer 365 days in SIngapore!) These polishes are from my latest purchases. As usual both are OPI and they are A Grape Fit and If You Moust You Moust! The second one is actually from the Minnie Collection! (there they are below!)Image

Such pretty colors! I wanted to spice it up and make it more fun so i alternated the colors and also added a flower sticker on both ring fingers. The stickers were actually a gift so I am unsure of where to get it and stuff.. Super easy design but it makes your nails looks so pretty and it kinda reminds me of Nerds! 


Below are pictures of my left and right hands!



As for my thumb, I did a half pink half purple pattern. To top it off, i added 2 flowers to make it more girly!


Whose excited for Summer? Share some nail designs used in summer in the comments below! TTYS!




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