some more lacquer can’t hurt anyone…

*Purchased by Me

Hey everyone! It’s Sunday, time to properly relax before the dreaded Monday is upon us!

Anyone feeling like this?


For me, I’m more of a “so lazy can’t think” (of what to post today), but here we are with a short post today!


I’ve already posted about my nail related haul from the date with the bf yesterday on instagram. Before I show you the photo, the bf actually encouraged me to buy the polish- he is my to-ask person on whether I should really really really purchase something. He also occasionally sponsors my polish. Where else can you find a man like that who loves seeing “your pretty nails” and accompanying me to beauty stores(and not be bored)? Hehee. ♥

Cue the polish!



Purchased: butter LONDON Nail Foundation (finally found it in stock at Sephora, and snapped up the last bottle) -S$28

Catrice I’m Dynamite and Goldbusters (My very first Catrices, thanks to Susan @thesubtleshimmer, who let me know where to find this brand!) -S$5.90 each

models own ibiza mix (first time seeing MO in Singapore, of course I had to purchase something!) – S$9.90 (on sale)

Luxury Nail Jewelry from Daiso – S$2


I bought more glitter polishes this time round as I wanted to do jelly sandwiches. (:

I definitely do swatches of these soon, so do check back on the blog! Also, I smuggled this into the house haha! But I definitely think I’ll restrain much more on go on a no buy ban in June…let’s see whether I can achieve it with only buying nail stuff once!


Any models own polishes to recommend? 

♥, xinyu


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