Cotton Candy Anyone?

   *Purchased By Me

Hi guys, I am back! Finally done with my Internship and an exam yesterday and I am leaving tonight for holiday to SPAIN!! 😀 😀 😀 Yeah my schedule is pretty packed now but I will be completely free once I am back which will be the 8TH June! I will have some posts done by today and Xin Yu will help to upload it during this week while I am away!

Sooo, coming back to my manicure that was done about a week or so ago. I actually posted a picture on our instagram about this mani and now I am just gonna show some more photos and talk a bit more about it. This design reminded me of the Cotton Candy flavour from Baskin Robbins! It was not planned at all but after looking at my nails, I was like ‘it looks kinda alike and now I am craving for it!’ Hehe 😀


^ the real cotton candy flavour! (Got the pic from the blog Wanderlander)

And now presenting my nails…


I actually layered four different colors on top of each other. Starting from the bottom to top, they are DUTCH ‘YA JUST LOVE OPI, A GREAT FIT! , FEELIN’ HOT-HOT-HOT! & IF YOU MOUST YOU MOUST! I didn’t specifically section off the different parts of my nail. I just started off with my base coat then swatched a layer of the first polish.  After it dried, I layered the next color on til I was done with the fourth color. I did the swatches by estimation and so the colors are not evenly spread out on the nail. For me, I preferred that it was not exactly even as it’s a bit more fun & playful!


Once everything was dried, I added a flower sticker to the top and finished with top coat! Its pretty simple but a bit tedious as you have to wait for each color to dry first. Ohh and another problem I faced was that the opi brush was a bit too wide so when I swatched the colors, a lot of polish ended up outside the nail so more time and polish remover was spent. Just a point to take note for anyone who wants to try layering!


That’s the end so talk to ya soon! ( I guess? :P)

Btw, its getting super HOT here in Singapore and I guess it gets hotter in Summer so why not pick up some Cotton Candy ice-cream?! 😀

Xoxo, Bethanie

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