Confetti sandwiches☆

Hey guys, TGIF!

After a week of some rather colourful swatches/manis, I’ve decided to introduce a more toned down mani today- a jelly sandwich! ^^

Okay honestly it isn’t that toned down as it involves glitter. I think I’ve discovered the ultimate party nail.

However, first things first, here’s a swatch of Catrice I’m Dynamite over 2 thin coats of O.P.I Don’t Touch My Tutu!.



I’m Dynamite consists of larger and smaller hex glitters, which flash silver, black and blue…so honestly I don’t have a clue as to what’s the original glitter colour! I did have to use some dabbing in order to get the larger hex glitters to cover up some spaces on the nail.

*Do forgive my pinky, three hex glitters decided they wanted to stand united and that happened.



For fun, I decided to layer Models Own Ibiza Mix over my index and middle finger. Ibiza Mix is part of the Hed Kandi collection…which I don’t know who/what that is, perhaps one of the readers can enlighten me? (:

I loved the effect as everything was captured is some sea glass translucency thing. (Even my description of this can’t make sense! But I do hope you get the picture. No? Here are more photos (: )

IMG_4275edit Apologies for the hangnail! D:


Here’s Ibiza Mix and I’m Dynamite side by side to show the difference. I really love the mix of colours in Ibiza Mix. It’s multi-coloured glitter in a bottle, and no dabbing was required for the swatch.

Of course everything was sealed again with Don’t Touch My Tutu!



It’s like a milky confetti concoction on my nails…a really pretty subtle party look. ^^

I’ll definitely be swatching these two glitters over other colours, so stay tuned!


♥, xinyu.


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