★star light, star bright☆

Hey all! The weekend is finally upon us and it is time to relax. (:

It’s also the first day of June, how time flies.



I’ve realised that I’ve never done any star-related manis, so here’s one today.

starscollage Inspired by Neverland Nail Blog

This was done using one of my cheaper polishes I purchased long ago, and finally broke it out of the dark depths of my polish cupboard.

After I used it, I realised why it had sat in the shadows of the box.


Eleanor Nail Enamel ENPO37 is a creme(?) pink polish, a bit watery and sheer. I think I used 2 coats for this swatch, but my camera does pick up some VNL even though it isn’t that obvious in real life. I was going to cover that area so I did not really bother! ^^

What I really disliked about this polish was that, even after appearing to have dried…it did not. That’s how I got a nick in my index finger. It is also not tape-friendly so I freehanded the glitter using the brush of the polish.


I used a Daiso polish, Winmax Nail Sparks 89 and then added some stars to the tip of the glitter before it had dried.

The silver lines you see on my pinky was what I initially wanted to do, but it turned out wrong. Sigh! The mani looked better without the silver lines anyways!

Nonetheless, the overall effect was a very subtle and feminine look. The base polish on the other hand is a hair-tearing issue. However, this calls for a shopping trip to find a new light pink polish…but that has to wait till my no-buy ban is over! (:

♥, xinyu


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