Weekend polish news- Zoya Pixie Dust Fall 2013 preview & Cult Cosmetics promo code

Hey all, it’s Sunday already!

 [source] < Anyone?


Anyways, some more polish news etc for you guys!

Sigh being on a no buy ban is tough…especially with all the sales going on in the polish world! On the other hand…you guys can take out your wallets! ^^


First up… 

Use the promo code SALE to stock up for summer with bright colors and nail art tools and designs for pool side, beach side or just a hot night out (literally) at Cult Cosmetics, till Sunday for 20% off your entire order.


Think the Pixie Dust from Zoya had stopped churning out their sparkle(please never do!)? Think again! Zoya Pixie Dust for Fall 2013 is about to arrive on the scene and capture the hearts of many women…and perhaps men?

  • Tomoko : Glowing silver
  • Chita : Emerald green
  • Sunshine : Van Gogh blue
  • Carter : Regal purple
  • Arabella : Rich fuchsia
  • Dhara : Dazzling copper

Side note: Dhara in the bottle looks like O.P.I Jinx, but of course we have to wait for swatches to compare!




I haven’t tried a single of the pixie dust polishes, but I plan to purchase some soon! For Sg peeps, naildeck.com is your saviour as Zoya is hard to find here, and they only ship within US. ): Sorry to the other international readers…I’m not so sure where you can find this brand!

*Note: none of these are affiliate links.

-xinyu (:

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