Time for a bit of wrapping!

Hi everyone! By the time you are reading this, I am probably somewhere in Barcelona! Haha!

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about something that has captured my interest lately and it’s (queue the music!)


I always read blogs or view pictures on Instagram that shows different nail art and designs. Lately when I was scrolling through I found this picture of nails wraps and it was from the shop NCLA (you should check it out, its like para-para-paradise!!!)

These are some of the ones I personally love! (All these pictures can be found on NCLA website and they are not mine!)

 galaxypalm galaxy_1024x1024

palmother other

palmtrees trees (From T-B: Stephanie’s Galaxy, Jazzi and So LA!)


After looking at these, I went to check out more about nail wraps and how to apply them. According to what I have learnt, it’s pretty simple. Just add a layer of base coat and after that’s dried, you stick the wrap on the nail and using the filer, smoothen out the edges and remove the air bubbles. If there is any excess, file in a downwards motion towards the edge of the nail and then file across the nail and the extra wrap would be separated. To end it off, just add a top coat and DONE! 😀 Easy peasy right? It should lasts about a week or so but it could be longer or shorter depending on what brand you use and the activities that you do.

Ohh and if you are wondering about removal, it’s even better! Generally all you have to do is peel the wraps off and it will just naturally separate from the nail! If you have a top coat on, then I suggest using some nail polish remover to get the top coat off and then peeling the wrap off. Once the wrap is out, you can go over the nail one more time with the remover and that’s about it!

This is like the best of both worlds cause you get a super cool or pretty design and its really simple to do! I am now on the hunt for some of these and if I do get them, I will definitely do a review about my own personal experience. If any of you guys have used these wraps before, you can comment down below about your opinion!

Til next time, Bethanie


7 thoughts on “Time for a bit of wrapping!

      • Hehe it’s alright! We’re the really tiny red dot on a world map.
        Oh! That sounds really interesting and affordable! I’ve only heard of using washi tape for nails so far…

        If Beth is obsessed with nail wraps, I’m kind of into the diy polish jewellery now! ^^

  1. I’ve attempted applying them once before (the Sally Hansen ones) and the filing process was a bit complicated for me– it didn’t turn out as clean cut like I was hoping and I haven’t used them since. Looking forward to your personal review, I may have to give them a second chance soon!

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