Tuesday Tutorial- some tribal/geometric doodles on nails



*Purchased by Me


Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! (:

For those readers new to this blog, welcome!♥

So instead of a Tuesday Talk as I did for two weeks, today is a Tuesday Tutorial. This is my first time doing tutorials…so feedback is much appreciated.

I have some tribal/geometric doodle nails today, done on a swatch stick.


^combined collage.


This step is necessary as it protects your natural nail. Also protects from some element of staining, if any, if you use a darker base.


I used O.P.I My Vampire Is Buff as I wanted a more cream/neutral look as the base.

Please note: it is not as dark as the photo suggests, this photo was unfortunately taken late at night, and it gave the appearance of a darker, almost flesh tone.


I used a black Uniball Signo 0.38 gel pen for this step, as I find that with gel pens, it is easier to draw certain lines. It is also a really cheap and quick way to create lovely nails, as gel pens will not smudge with top coat.

More advanced polishaholics can use a striper, but then again, you wouldn’t need this tutorial as you would be more professional than I am! ^^


I used those gel pens as pictured above. I also tested out the ink on the paper shown. Sometimes, the ink may not run as smoothly so it is handy to have some paper around.


  • metallic purple/pink pen from Franc Franc
  • uniball signo 0.38 pen in silver
  • uniball signo 0.38 pen in black

Alternatively, you could use a toothpick/dotting tool to dot in polishes of your choice. (:


If you used gel pens, remember to wait awhile before applying top coat- you don’t want to risk ruining your design! (This is just to be on the safe side.)

And you have some random tribal/geometric nails!


What I like about gel pens is that if you’re bored in lecture/at work (just don’t get caught), this is a good way to pass time. ^^

Also, sorry about not placing the swatch stick closer to my cuticles, I had to cover up the polish on my index finger!

♥, xinyu

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