Inspired: stained glass mani, part 1 and 2.

*Purchased by Me

Hey everyone!

Wow right now it’s kind of tough for me to blog as there is some major drilling going on at the house next door…Sigh my poor ears ): It’s really hard to concentrate on proper grammar and all! D:

Anyways I’ve did this mani quite awhile back, and I’ve actually achieved it a second time round! This is inspired by Shaina of Haute Lacquer, and this is the mani which inspired me! (:

First up is Part I of the mani which I did last week- the failed one.


I decided to try it over butter LONDON Nail Foundation, and then added in the lines using a black gel pen.

Honestly it was a pretty cool look on its own, kind of graphic.

But no- I wanted some bling.

IMG_4292 D:

Instead of using glitter polishes, I used just plain glitter. This was also my first time using plain ol’ glitter on my nail! They came in tiny circular containers, purchased from daiso, and I used top coat to act as glue.

THE GLITTERS GOT EVERYWHERE. (evidence as seen on my fingers)

I even put down paper beforehand but it did not work at all! ): Lesson learned.


On Monday I swatched again so I decided to tackle it once more. Here’s Part II:

IMG_4449 Decided to show some naked nail!

I did it over my base coat, unlike Shaina who went directly on her natural nail.

This design kind of matches my dining room table! ^^


I then used gel pens to fill in some colour and ended up with a more metallic look.


  • metallic purple/pink gel pen from Franc Franc
  • silver Uniball Signo gel pen 
  • gold Uniball Signo gel pen


It does look like stained glass in a way to me, and although the colours used may seem jarring, somehow to me they still mix well!

Really happy that my second try turned out better! It is true that some things look better on semi-naked nails!


♥, xinyu

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