For Audrey & her dragonflies

*Purchased By Me

Hey all! Happy Hump Day~

Today I have a mani inspired by Sarah of Chalkboard Nails…she’s is definitely one of* my favourite bloggers out there!^^

(*”one of” as honestly there are too many lovely bloggers who inspire me)

This mani is actually one of her oldies…and yes I did trawl through her blog archives for some inspiration! Hehe.


Now, I’m not one for those creepy-crawlies…and whilst dragonflies are lovely to look at, I have the fear of them flying around me or worse- falling on me! D: D: D: Nonetheless, I still fell in love with this nail art.


*Please note: I could only do three fingers as this was the week where I had an awful cut on my index, so polish remover would cause my finger to sting like crazy.


I used China Glaze For Audrey as the base for the dragonflies. All photos are shown without top coat… that shine in the photo is natural light glinting off For Audrey!

IMG_4420 shade.

I then used a black and white Uniball Signo gel pen to create the dragonflies. Drawing them on took less than 5 minutes!

I did have some application issues with For Audrey as I could not get a nice curve around my middle and pinky fingers… the polish did not level nicely/flooded my cuticles, so this was my 3rd attempt at application! Whew. Regardless of all those problems, For Audrey is a lovely colour.


This mani is really easy to achieve, and not much explanation is required for this! The end result is also a lovely dragonfly print. I’m definitely going to wear this as a full mani one day! (:

Also, do note that before drawing on your polish with a gel pen, it has to be really dry…if not the gel pen will pick up some of the polish and ruin the mani. My trick is to draw lightly and then go over again if needed.

♥, xinyu


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