It’s all about pink: chevrons & floral doodles❦

*Purchased By Me

Hey guys, we’ve finally hit the weekend and can wind down for some well-deserved rest! ^^ I’m so glad to be at home right now, was battling the crowds at Expo and walking a lot…super exhausted!

So I did this nail art according to Debbie of The Crumpet’s Amateur Nail Art Contest for June, but then decided not to enter this mani, as this was done only on 3 fingers (due to my cut, which has already healed), and I felt that I should do it on all 5. Wasn’t sure whether using gel pens would be allowed either. Anyways the theme was pink and this is what I came up with.


It’s a mani containing flower doodles and chevron stripes, inspired by the following patterns below:

images  and pinkflorals

all images sourced from google.


I also improvised on some of the flowers and just did them to my fancy. I also added a few dots to make the nails seem less empty!


  • butter LONDON Trout Pout
  • O.P.I My Vampire Is Buff
  • uniball Signo 0.38 black pen
  • uniball Signo white pen
  • uniball Signo silver pen
  • metallic pink/purple pen from Franc Franc



I rather liked the end result!

What do you guys think, and should I just go ahead and enter it into the contest?



P.S: Sorry about the rounded corners of the photos(even though they look nice to me), as I needed to cover off my other naked nails! ^^


♥, xinyu


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