I’m bringing crackle back~

*Purchased by Me

Hey all!

Okay I never really listened to Justin Timberlake but somehow his song just fit what I was aiming to show you guys today so…

Anyways this is the revelation to Hint #1.


Today I have Essence 01 Master Of Illusion from the Oz the Great and Powerful Collection. This is a cracking top coat, also my first ever of its kind. I’ve been meaning to post this for quite some time, but whoops! I purchased it on 31st May heh.

For those readers who dislike the crackle trend, don’t worry, crackle won’t be entirely brought back by me, as I honestly think that one cracking top coat is more than enough. I’d rather have all those textures please, thank you.


First of all, isn’t the trend of crackle already passé? Also, the movie was really awhile back(and I never watched it). Ah wells. I’m chalking it up to how Singapore gets collections slightly later than other countries…but then again I haven’t seen much of this polish collection on the blogosphere!


Oz the Great and Powerful Collection has 5 cracking top coats- pink, red, mint and metallic gold or blue, named 01 master of illusion, 02 winds of change, 03 good witch, 04 winged wonder and 05 delicate but determined.*

*from Essence’s website.


Although 01 Master of Illusion is named a mint, I do not agree with this description. I think it’s closer to teal. This is the only one I purchased as the colour was unique and really called to me! However, I do think I like the look of the gold polish too.

I’ve swatched it over various colours on my swatch sticks.


Here I’ve swatched it over O.P.I Jinx. They may be complementary colours, but this combination turned out gorgeous. I can see this as an accent nail, simply lovely. It reminds me of those rocks displaying their inner minerals. If I’m not wrong, this was a nice thicker coat of Master Of Illusion.

Here’s an example of different crackle effects you can achieve.

IMG_4567edit (L>R: The Face Shop GR501 The Face Shop BL602)

  • Over The Face Shop GR501 , mint/light blue: 

– I used a lighter coat of Master Of Illusion and quickly went over the base colour. The end result had some curvy looking cracks, and more sparse. The two polishes also combined well, with a more subtle look

  • Over The Face Shop BL602 , darker blue:

– Used a thick coat of Master Of Illusion and covered the entire base once, thoroughly. The dark base slightly drowned out the crackle.

IMG_4569 (L>R: O.P.I Solitaire Essence Hazelnut Cream Pie)

  • Over O.P.I Solitaire:

– I used thin coats of Master Of Illusion and went over some areas twice. The texture of Solitaire did not show through as well as Jinx. Personally do not like this combination!

  • Over Essence Hazelnut Cream Pie:

– used a thin coat of Master Of Illusion and slowly went over the base. Good if you want to spice up a more neutral look.


I’ve started to get the hang of Essence’s brushes and avoid flooding. My only gripe about this polish was, after opening it, I realised that around the bottle neck there were dried flakes of polish. The bottle was also scotch-taped shut so I have no idea how that happened. Was quite D: but thankfully it did not affect the polish itself.

For more information of the other products in Essence- Oz the Great and Powerful Collection, you can check out their website here. I don’t think the necklace is available in Singapore though!

♥, xinyu


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