Tuesday Tutorials- Chinoiserie Nails for beginners

*Purchased By Me


Hey everyone! It’s time for another round of Tuesday Tutorials, and I have some chinoiserie nails for you guys. I named it such as the golden look of the polish reminded me of such.

Anyways first up, I really have to apologise for the photo lighting, and I did my best to colour correct everything! They are true to life as I could make it, and there’s not much of a difference in colours IRL.

floralchinacollage Combined collage.

This look is honestly foolproof to create, and I’m thinking will look great as an accent nail(if you use a gold polish) with black- as black and gold are one of the best combinations out there! ^^


This step is really self-explanatory, but do apply base coat to your nails as it protects the natural nail, and also prevents any staining for darker colours.


Honestly I have no idea where you can find this brand overseas, so apologies to my dear readers! For Sg peeps, I bought this at Orchard Central, there’s a nail counter selling quite affordable lacquer. This was $9? I have this for around 2 years or more, can’t remember!Here I’m using a polish called Chic Nail Lacquer 001, and I’ve included the bottle shot here.

 This polish dries with a sort of matte finish and is rather cool. It looks amazing when top coated as it brings out loads of sparkle! (:


I used a gel pen, but you could always use the bigger end of a dotting tool to achieve this. If you are using a gel pen, do ensure that the polish is entirely dry, you do not want to be picking up bits of polish and thus ruining the mani!


Dot some smaller black dots in the center, and there you have it- a simple floral design. Remember to top coat to ensure longevity of your mani, as well as prevent chipping.


This design is really simple and good for beginnings to try out. An alternative to a dotting tool is the back of a pencil, toothpick or paintbrush. This can be recreated in any colour too! (:

I kind of like how the gel pen created some swirl-like texture to the flowers.

Also, on another note, Bethanie’s back in Sg from Spain, with some H&M goodies! ^^ Can’t wait to meet up with her tomorrow.

-xinyu (:

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