Polish Days: To Boldly Go…

*Purchased By Me

Hey guys! I’ve recently subscribed to join Polish Days, which is basically where a group of bloggers come together on a specific day to do a specific theme! ^^


This month’s theme is “To Boldly Go… ” and it falls on Tuesday, 11th June, 8pm BST. This means that it is happening on the 12th for me in Singapore…or so I hope (that I’ve converted the timing correctly.)

Anyways I had several thoughts in mind for this, ranging from the usual galaxy nail art(which I can’t achieve) to Space Invaders (I’ve never even played that game). I finally decided on a mani that is inspired by Meghan of Will Paint Nails For Food.

I could only do 3 fingers this time round, due to my cut on my index finger the week I did nail art… ): But here it is!



I started out with a base of The Face Shop GR501 and added a thin coat of Different Dimension Light It Up Blue.

*Note: somehow my bottle of Light It Up Blue was really goopy…anyone knows whether it will spoil if I add thinner? ):

I also manually placed the white hex glitters as somehow none translated to my nails, but I only wanted a few to give the appearance of larger stars.


I drew in the rest using my gel pens.


  • metallic gold Uniball Signo pen
  • metallic silver Uniball Signo pen
  • white Uniball Signo pen
  • black Uniball Signo 0.38 pen
  • metallic purple/red pen from Franc Franc


I also added on a silver star shaped glitter for the shooting star on my ring finger.

The overall effect is rather cute, and I do think the glitters in Light It Up Blue contribute to the appearance of a galaxy in space.

I honestly prefer Meghan’s version as her nail art is much more neater than mine. I will definitely try this look again! ^^


I did not try to take any glow in the dark photos, apologies for that as I did not wear this mani long enough. I did attempt to take a photo of the shimmer, which can be seen above.

Meghan’s look was inspired by mobile toys, and I do think it ties in with the Polish Days theme. For a young kid, dreams and aspirations are very important… perhaps they will grow up and “boldly go” into the world of adulthood, taking steps towards their goals! (:

♥, xinyu

To view other manis of those participating in Polish Days:

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