wrap my nails up!

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone,

So today I am going to tell you guys about my experience with nail wrapping…actually I’m not even sure whether they can be classified like wraps, as they feel like those things you use to stick on your windows! I don’t even know the name of those…window decals perhaps?

Anyways these were purchased on a whim by my bf for me when he was in Taiwan. He didn’t actually stop to think as he was in a rush…but haha well it’s the thought that counts! I decided to try them on one finger to see how it goes.

The application process is pretty much the same as normal nail wraps, but I’m positive the materials are different. (:




I first measured the wraps according to my nail size…as you can see the nail stickers are really huge, I doubt they are specifically catered to normal human fingers…and I would only use them more of for accent nails, really, as I’m not too big on some of the colour combos and designs!

The difficulty of this was that there was no transparent backing, so I literally placed the whole sheet over in order to match it to my nail bed.

I also applied a peel-off base coat and then a layer of normal base coat for safety reasons.




I peeled off the design which was closest to my nail bed, and then applied it as close as possible to my cuticles. I also used a cuticle stick to smoothen it out to ensure there weren’t any crinkling or air pockets. For those unsure what a cuticle stick is, I have a photo later on!

As you can see, the whole wrap obviously did not fit, and all I could get on my nail was the blue ribbon.


The next instruction said to file off the excess- let me tell you, dear readers, IT DID NOT WORK AT ALL. I tried filing in a downwards motion, and the excess did not even budge! I have a feeling it’s the material which caused it to not work…



I got to this step solely by taking some scissors and carefully cutting along the edge according to my nail shape. No kidding!

The nail sticker/wrap did fit nicely to my nail, and the ribbon looked rather cute. ^^


There’s no way to make the next photo less gross, I apologize in advance!



Instructions say to peel off the design…and I think that if you used a normal base coat, DO NOT peel it off. The thought of peeling off a nail wrap is just….

I could peel off with more ease as I had used 3 coats of base coat, including a peel off base coat. I thus used the cuticle stick(shown in photo), to push slightly around the edge before peeling off the wrap with ease.

The remainder is NOT my destroyed nail, but rather the remains of the base coat! A swipe of polish remover did the trick.

My cuticle stick was free and came in a package with some nail stickers which I had purchased previously from Daiso. I do think beauty supply stores or even Daiso sells cuticle sticks by itself too.



So that’s my experience with nail wraps/stickers! Do look out for Bethanie’s review soon, she has purchased some proper nail wraps from H&M in Spain. (:


♥, xinyu


2 thoughts on “wrap my nails up!

  1. I feel like the concept of “filing” down a nail wrap is just never going to work. A lot of nail wraps say to do it too. Silly. It did look cute on you, but it didn’t seem like you had the best experience with it. I think I’ll stick with polish for now, but maybe one day I will try the wraps.

    • I agree, I have no idea how it’s going to work! The youtube videos make it seem so easy too.
      Thanks for the sweet comment (: I don’t think I’ll ever use wraps again unless they are extremely hard for me to recreate on my nails.

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