☀Sunshine Award✩


Hey everyone! I write this post with much happiness. (: Our blog was nominated for the Sunshine Award by the lovely Gemma over at My Adventures in Nail Art. If you aren’t following her you should- her nail art is so detailed and simply amazing, I can’t even pick a favourite but it’s probably her nails from the Couture Nail Art Challenge as I really love seeing nail art inspired by fashion/designs… Thanks again Gemma! ❤

Okay the details of the Sunshine Award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Post the award logo on your blog
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 5 or more other blogs that inspire you

As this blog is run by both Bethanie and Xin Yu, we decided to split the 7 facts! 3 facts is a combined interest, while the other four will be split respectively about ourselves. (:


7 facts about us:

1. We both met in secondary school and were in guitar ensemble, meaning we know how to play the guitar(although Beth is much better at strumming than I am!). We thus decided to form a band called Blue Vanilla, (the name was just a mish-mash of two things we like) which never really took off due to lack of time and recording. We decided to use that name for the polish blog instead! ^^ (P.S: We used WordPress as we were completely out of touch with blogspot. :P)

2. We were in an all-girls school for 10 years. Yup, ten. It’s a good and even fun experience, and no, does not make us more boy-crazy or anything!

3. We honestly detest hot weather, and living in Singapore where it’s summer all year round does not help! Our favourite seasons are spring and autumn…cool weather in general.

2 facts about Bethanie:

4. If I got the chance I would go bungee jumping. (It’s on my bucket list!) Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely petrified of heights but i still wanna do it cause YOLO! 😀

5. I love sapphire! ❤ I love it more than any other gemstones, even diamonds and thats saying alot cause come on, who doesn’t love them?!

2 facts about Xin Yu:

6. I love cats. FLUFFY cats. I’m an animal lover, but cats- they make me want to squeal and act like a…seven year old? “Come here you adorable furball! Let me just worship you and give you all the squeaky toys you want!” :3 Yup.

I’m not sure if I can be fully classified as a cat person as I do love huskies, corgis, pomeranians, Japanese spitz, Shiba Inus…almost everything under “Spitz” dog category*. Unfortunately I don’t own any pets now, but I plan to adopt when I’m married/working. (:

*when I googled, apparently there’s such a category, so forgive me if I’m wrong! 

7. I have a fear of heights, but if need be I will still go for those high obstacle courses and abseiling.


Our nominations for the Sunshine Award:

Will Paint Nails For Food: Meghan’s swatches are simply perfect and her nail art is amazingly precise! I love the ideas she comes up with.

Wondrously Polished: Lindsey’s nail art is among my favourites- her floral manis are beautiful.

CoewlessPolish Blog: Eva is one of the nail bloggers I started following when I began my adventure into the nail world. Her unique nail art(i.e.: ugly flamingo sweater, Hedwig nail art, tribal prints) are drool-worthy.

Did My Nails: I love Elizabeth for all her floral nails. I think she’s nailed down the perfect combination of polishes to create exquisite flower designs.

Cuteberry: Chelsea was actually one of our very first followers(thanks so much dear!) and I really love her various ideas for manis! To date, my favourite is still her 31 Day Challenge: Day 28 (Inspired by a Flag).

Peachy Polish: Valesha makes any polish look good on her nails! Cue her China Glaze Texture swatches…(which I wasn’t sold on) she makes them look perfect.


Honestly there were so many other bloggers we wanted to nominate, but that would be an ultra long list! Thanks again to Gemma for enjoying our blog- which is still considered new in the blogosphere! (:

♥, xinyu


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