A glimpse of Italy with Missoni~~

*Purchased By Me

(Beth’s nails for once! ^^ -xinyu)

Hey I am back for another post! 😀 I got back from my vacation last Saturday but I was kinda busy these few days ; I met Xin Yu on both wed and thurs and then I went out on Fri & Sun so I didn’t really have much time to post! Sorry about that but I will try to make it up to you! 😛

I have always loved Missoni and their collections (with such fun colors!) so when me and Xin Yu were discussing, I told her that I definitely wanted to try creating a Missoni Inspired look and here we are! When I went over to her house the other day, she showed me a picture of an outfit that she really liked from the brand. I loved it and I was thinking of how to transition it onto my nails and I came up with something pretty fun…

So this is the original outfit by Missoni  😀


And this is what I came up with…


Sorry it was a bit bright and sunny when I took the picture so some details can’t be seen as clearly! I have some more pics so not to worry…


To explain the nail art, I decided to zoom in on the nails so you guys can see the pattern on them more clearly! (Btw the pics are in order starting with the thumb-pinky from L-R!)


Mirroring the dress, I used a black polish as the base colour and all fingers had nail art inspired from various parts of the outfit! Starting with the thumb, this was inspired by the headpiece that the model was wearing. There was a prominent gold band and below that, there are flecks of black and white so I made use of a gold pen and my dotting tool, which was for the random white dots below it.

For my index finger, I decided to follow the pattern of the accessories used: namely the bangles! I used two particular bangles as inspiration. Let’s see if you can spot which ones they are and don’t forget to comment down below! I pretty much followed the design but I did change one of the colours as we didn’t have any polishes or pens identical to the colour on the bangle. (I used a gold pen instead!)

As for my middle finger, I decided to replicate the bottom half of the outfit namely from the ‘belt’ down. (I cant really think of the right word! :P) Sorry the pattern isn’t that clear but I did try to zoom in before doing my nail! From what I could tell there was a thin white band and below that there are stripes of white going all across the dress and down the sides. Next to the stripes going downwards there is a thick yellow band so that’s how I did my nail too!

I wanted to play with more colours for my accent nail so I recreated the upper half of the outfit (obviously!) I was rummaging around both mine and xin yu’s collection of polishes and even though I couldn’t exactly redo it with the colours, I tried to get ones that were the closest! I dotted (either with a dotting tool/pen) my way through all the colours and that was it!

I was thinking of what I could do for my pinky and then it struck me: SHOES & that’s how that the design of black and white zig zag ended up on my little nail 😛

Btw here’s the list of polishes & pens I used:

Base colour– Revlon Black Lingerie

Thumb, index and middle fingers– white uniball Signo gel pen, gold uniball Signo gel pen

Accent nail– Faceshop: gr501 (mint blue/green), gr504 (light green) & BL602 (light blue)

                     OPI: Ski Teal we drop

                    Metallic pink pen from Franc Franc and white uniball Signo gel pen

Pinky– white uniball Signo gel pen

It was so fun and exciting to create this look and I hope you like as much as I do! If you would like to see more Brands inspired mani, just comment down below and I will try giving it a go! (You can even include a particular outfit/look!)

Until next time, Bethanie


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