Matte + Shiny

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone, TGIF! (:

So the haze condition in Singapore is getting worse…Until honestly if we wake up in the morning and the PSI is 100+, we go, “oh, that’s not bad”! I can’t wait till it’s over(WE NEED RAIN!), practically cooped up at home and my bf and I even decided to forgo our date this weekend due to the awful haze! ): It’s also harder to swatch now due to the lack of clear skies, but thankfully we still have some sunlight so that’s better than nothing…

I’ve been focusing on making polish jewellery to pass the time, and am in progress to set up an etsy shop! Will keep you guys further updated about that. (:

Anyways I have something which I did quite awhile back, and it’s been sitting in my laptop folders. I was basically just testing out Etude House Help My Finger Matte Top Coat.


Here’s a swatch of Revlon Black Lingerie, sans top coat. It is a lovely glossy black. As I’ve already done a review on it, here, I won’t talk much about it!

IMG_4133 Matte.

This polish started out with a more velvet finish before going matte. According to the instructions on the packaging of this top coat, Etude House Matte Top Coat can also be used for…a base coat? Hmm. I wonder what’s the difference so that’ll be coming up soon!


I decided to do the age old “matte + shiny” look, in the form of drips. This was really hard to photograph!


It’s really quite subtle on the nail at first glance. (:

Now it’s time for me to MATTE ALL THE GLITTERS! 😀 As that was what I purchased the matte top coat for in the first place! ^^

– xinyu ~


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