cherries & marbles

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Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed my Missoni inspired manicure and if you haven’t seen it you can check it out here!  For today, I am gonna show you some simple manicures that I did recently. One of them was actually inspired by the manicure that Xin Yu did. It was posted last month so here is the link to it! Xin Yu’s manicure was also an inspired look and the original design was by MakeupSavvy so do check her blog out for amazing manis and ideas here 😀

Just to show you guys all the different designs, the left one is by MakeupSavvy (i got the pic from her blog!) and the right was done by  Xin Yu..

Image          Image

   & this is mine..

cherries       cherries3   cherries2

Note: I had to brighten up the pics a little so that you can see the pattern better! 🙂

While the original has a Pistachio base and Xin Yu chose China Glaze For Audrey as hers, I decided to switch it up and chose a gold sparkle base from H&M instead. (Its called Sparkle & Shine Baby in case you were wondering!)

After base coat and two coats of that gorgeous gold, I dotted my cherries, as pairs, using O.P.I Chick Flick Cherry. My cherries were 2 sizes to make this look more fun & playful! I then drew the lines with a toothpick dipped in COULEUR INC Grus 106. To complete the look, just a swatch of top coat (I used my new one from H&M and so far it’s a thumbs up!) 😛


For the second manicure today, I wanted to show you guys my Watermarble manicure! Yes I have finally managed to pull it off after so many failed attempts & I am pretty stoked about that but problems I faced was either the polishes dried too fast or that I couldn’t get a pattern that I liked. So after many drops of polish, this is what I got…


Sorry I used bright pink and purple polishes as they worked the best for watermarbling but they don’t capture that well in pictures :/


I hope you can see the patterns more clearly in this pic above and below are all the polishes that I used to create this look!


I followed the standard procedure of using filtered water in a cup and then adding a drop of the different polishes. After creating the patterns with a toothpick, I just dipped my finger in and waited for about a minute or two. After ensuring the polish has dried, I cut the tape surrounding my fingers and finished off with top coat.  Just a note for anyone who wants to try this; it’s kinda messy so be prepared!

Well that’s both my manis and I hope you liked it! Just a little clue: my next post will also be a brands inspired mani! Any guesses on which brand it might be? Comment down below and I will talk to you guys soon!

xoxo, Bethanie

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