Fail Art?- inspired Minnie Mouse nail art.

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone,

I’m sure you guys all know that us nail polish bloggers are constantly being inspired by something, be it a fellow polish blogger’s work, a particular design on clothes, stationery et cetera… well, today I have a mani which was inspired/copied from work/ play / polish, namely her Couture de Minnie design done for O.P.I here.

Hers are so fantastically gorgeous…and I actually wanted to use her photo in a “Nailed It” meme for the blog, but I wasn’t sure of her policies and whether she’ll mind so…yeah!

*update: the meme is at the end! (: *

Anyways here’s my nail art.


I did not have the Couture de Minnie collection as I decided not to purchase it, so I borrowed Bethanie’s polishes(SHE HAS A HUGE RANGE OF PINKS AND REDS AND THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT!)

You can see the difference in designs, such as me going for a (albeit failed) eiffel tower on a semi-naked nail and adding some pink glitter over.


Polishes used:

  • Revlon Black Lingerie
  • O.P.I Feeling Hot Hot Hot!
  • O.P.I If You Moust You Moust
  • O.P.I I’m Not Really A Waitress
  • H&M Pink Glitter
  • H&M White (for the dots)
  • Couleur Inc Pavo 110
  • O.P.I Jinx
  • black uniball Signo 0.38 pen
  • white uniball Signo pen


Actually one of my main reasons for doing this nail art was inspired by how her thumb nail was done with a textured polish! I decided to try it out using a dotting tool…and this is what I ended up with LOL!

I did the white stripes using my gel pen as I did not have striping tape/was not comfortable with a striper brush.

Only my index finger is matte-d with Etude House Matte Top Coat.

Well…I guess the end result turned out both cute and hilarious…and I…



What do you guys think?

Xin Yu (:

2 thoughts on “Fail Art?- inspired Minnie Mouse nail art.

  1. Girl, I love everything about this post. Thank you! I execute my share of stinkers…believe me (my water marbles look like the apocalypse! What’s important is we’re having fun! I love your sense of humor and I really think this mani is quite good…no lie. Having said that…I would be honored to have my pic in a Nail Fail Meme. 😀

    • Thank You! ^^ Haha same here, I haven’t mastered the art of watermarbling…and I’m also limited in the polishes I am able to watermarble with!(I have only 2 to work with). Hehe thanks! Oh that’s awesome, I shall go do up the meme and edit the post. (:

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