Zoya Miranda- swatch and review

*Purchased By Me

Hey readers! It’s…Monday..):

For me Mondays are still able to be coped with as I’m still on my holiday, but let me perk you up with some textured goodness! Today I (finally!) have my first bottle of Zoya, thanks to Nail Deck! They don’t have the actual category for Zoya there, but if you view their facebook, you may be able to get your hands on some Zoyas!

I seriously have a lack of swatches and nail art, and I haven’t painted my nails for two weeks. *huge gasp* This is particularly due to the making of polish jewellery, and as I may get some on my fingers, I just didn’t paint them! Luckily I still have Beth to help tide through this month heh. (And then all my nail art for July will be unleashed!!)

Anyways before I ramble on, here are the swatches of Zoya Miranda from their Summer PixieDust Collection. There are 6 polishes in this collection, but I restrained myself and only got Miranda…also because I wanted to do a gradient with O.P.I Jinx! (It looks AH-MAZING btw, so stay tuned for that!)



Miranda is a gorgeous cranberry-red polish, with some silver sparkle! Very classy with a fun twist on the standard red nail. ♥



This baby was two coats. Just look at that lovely sparkle! (✪㉨✪)

It did start off as a jelly-like base, but was opaque at the second coat.



Anyways, I did find that this took a really longer time to dry compared to the O.P.I Liquid Sands, or maybe it’s just impatient ol’ me! The texture of this also felt smoother to the touch than my O.P.Is. It isn’t the nitty gritty texture, but really if pixie dust was consolidated into one big bottle, that kind of sparkly, slightly smooth goodness.



I’m glad that the red base complimented the silver sparkle. Absolutely pleased with the Zoya formula! Their brush was also really easy to get a nice curve around my cuticles. (:

I am in love.

♥, xinyu

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