Time to meet the girlfriends! ~~

*Purchased By Me

Hi everyone! How is summer/June going? 🙂 I have started school 😦 but I will be officially ending in a few months so cant wait!

Anyways today I have a fun girly mani that would be great for a meet up with girlfriends! Without further ado, here it is..


As you all know I love my pinks and purples so I wanted to play around with them to create a cute look!

I painted my thumb, accent and little nails with OPI Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot. As for index finger, it got a coat of OPI Dutch ‘ya just love OPI? followed by two coats of ORLY Embrace. As for my middle finger, it has one coat of OPI Anti-Bleak.


Now for the designs.. For my middle finger, I used OPI Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot to create the hearts. Its super easy; all you have to do is place two dots and then connect them together to form a heart! Its the same for the heart on my pinky, for which I used OPI Anti-Bleak. (I just switched the colors :P) For my accent nail, I dotted OPI Anti-Bleak and Rubi its getting hot in here and  finished off with two glitters from ORLY Embrace at the ends. Btw everything was done with my dotting tool!


Thats about it! Super easy, fast and you get a cute & fun look! 😛 Do you guys have any ideas for a girly mani? Comment down below! 

xoxo, Bethanie


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