Gloss ‘n Sparkle Lead Paint- swatch and review♥

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone, today I have my very first Gloss ‘n Sparkle polish to show you guys! I caved during the Aussie Indie Sale at Shoppe Eclecticco (which btw is still ongoing) but I managed to resist and only purchase one…but I’m feeling tempted to go purchase more! Help me. :/ I’d like to make a note that I also ordered(and received) 3 beauties from Mei Mei’s Signatures, which I will only be posting swatches and reviews of sometime in August due to the OMD Challenge in July by Brijit’s Digits, Eeeek! Nail Polish! and Craftynail! Speaking of which I have only half of the days done(not in order), so I need to seriously get down to some nail art.

P.S: I’m so sorry, I love this polish so much so…more photos will be shown of this beauty!

Presenting, Gloss ‘n Sparkle Lead Paint~♥♥


Firstly, I really struggled trying to get nice photos of Lead Paint. The gorgeousness of this polish was just not showing up on camera…I really need to build a lightbox soon! :/

Lead Paint is described as “a dark grey base reminiscent of a lead pencil with fine shimmer and large and small gunmetal grey hex glitter”, and yup, it is really the dark grey-going black shade on me. This polish is a lovely twist on the standard black nail.

IMG_4961 See those hexes? Love.

I did have a bit of application issue initially with this polish, as the hex glitters would be dragged along with the brush and end up sticking over my nail. Once I got the hang of it though, everything went smoothly.


I used two coats, around the thin-medium range, and got great coverage. I don’t think I would recommend having thick coats for this one, it is probably much easier to handle with more thin layers!


I love the fine shimmer running throughout this polish. Lead paint has never looked so…appetizing. Yum. :3

The brush of this polish was also easy to handle and it picked up the hex glitters very easily. No fishing around for any glitters!


*I had to round the corners of this photo as my (unpolished) thumb could be seen, apologies!

My verdict: very drool-worthy and was so worth my impulse purchase on Shoppe Eclecticco’s website! I’ve been craving to own some Gloss ‘n Sparkle polishes for a long while, and I honestly can’t wait till my mum goes to Australia so she can bring me back more of the lovely indies there! Now I just have to make a list…

♥, xinyu


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